This ain’t no ordinary sushi. Osaka Bar has just opened in Potts Point giving Sydney-siders a taste of real Japanese soul food.

Owner Chef Kazu is from Suita city, in Osaka, and a real character. Ask him whether he misses Japan, and he will tell you that he misses Osaka. Chef Kazu brings 30 years of experience with him and learned traditional Japanese methods when he was 18 years old. He worked in many traditional restaurants across Osaka, and then after moving to Australia in 1996, Chef Kazu became head Chef at Sydney’s Masuya restaurant.

Chef Kazu, despite having the coveted certificate to prepare the poisonous Puffer fish in many councils (the certificate is delivered per council and chefs who have this certification know how to thin sashimi very thinly) insists he isn’t a sushi chef, but a traditional chef.

As well as serving Osaka-style sushi, visitors can enjoy a hearty range of street food snacks including Tako-Yaki, small ball like pancakes that pop in your mouth; or Kushi- Katsu; tasty golden deep fried vegetable and meat skewers and Okonomi Yaki; Japanese savoury pancakes.

Osaka Bar is Owner-Chef Kazu’s first venture: “I love Australia, but I do miss Osaka. I wanted to bring a piece of who I am here, and Osaka Bar is a piece of me. It will serve all the comfort food I miss from home, so I can feel at home here in Sydney.”

Where: Shop 15, Llankelly Place, 24-30 Springfield Ave, Potts Point NSW 2011

When: Open now

Chef Kazu

Chef Kazu

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