The Bearded Bakers are giving Australians a taste of their childhood with the launch of a new range of home delivered meals, all cooked in conjunction with their mum and family matriarch who inspires their passion for cooking.

Mama Baker, Nabila, is parting with some of her favourite traditional dishes all featuring bulgur, an ancient grain and superfood iconic in middle eastern cuisine.

It’s now possible to try family staple, Kibbeh Bil Bseineh, an emulsification of the freshest minced lamb and bulgur, with essential “seven spices” (baharat).

Joey explains, “Mama Baker loves Kibbeh Bil Bseineh as it reminds her of her childhood – from watching the wheat farmers preparing the fields for harvest, then running around collecting the wheat and taking it to her grandmother, who would crush it by hand and prepare this dish for them. Mama then made this for us as kids and became a regular weeknight dinner.”

There is also a creamy mushroom and zucchini vegetarian risotto which shows how versatile bulgur really is. Joey continues, “Mama usually cooks this for the family during Lent and although coming up with delicious, beautiful
vegetarian dishes is a tough job, Mama manages to nail it every time. With a dash of love to finish it off,
every dish is better than the last.”

Talking of the inspiration behind the dishes, Joey adds, “As a family, we’ve used bulgur for years as it’s a mainstay ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. We remember Mama cooking with it throughout our childhood, using family recipes passed through generations and so we wanted to share our childhood favourite dishes for everyone to enjoy at home.”

Until now Bulgur, a natural immune booster has gone relatively unknown, often taking a back seat to quinoa. A complex carb that is high in fibre, protein, and vitamin B, has a low GI count and is low in calories – with nearly half the calories of quinoa per cup! Bulgur is one of the healthiest and most natural ingredients due to its minimal processing. Since 1935, the Duru family have proudly been producing the highest quality bulgur that respects
4,000-year-old traditions. Using natural stone mills, Duru bulgur is formed from hard durum wheat that has been cleaned, steamed, and dried and then ground into grains of several distinct sizes. Every step is natural, with Duru only using wheat and water to create its delicious bulgur, with no additives or colorants.

The Bearded Bakers x Duru Bulgur limited edition meals Kibbeh Bil Sanieh (serves two) $26.00 and Vegetarian Risotto (serves two) $26.00 will be available to order from Thursday 11th November 2021 via FoodSt.

Duru Bulgur is also available from Coles and Woolworths nationwide from $3.00 RRP 1kg.

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