Stuck in the house like most of us? That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun trolling through and trying the various food (and wine) delivery options that make iso life that little bit sweeter. That’s why we tried and tested the best from the rest to ensure they meet your taste bud test.

Urban Brew Coffee Pods

First things first – Coffee! Need we say more? Yes we do – to express how smooth and aromatic, biodegradable, fair trade ethical and wonderful these pods are for your palate and your conscience. Starting from 35 cents a pop, these little morsels of delight provide a dose of happiness to your iso mornings and 3pm pick-me-ups.

The range includes a Pod compatible for all your beloved coffee machines, including Nespresso, Caffitaly and K-fee. Five strengths are on offer from Decaf all the way to a Very Intense 12, that will take your productivity levels to new heights. Did we mention the decadent Chocolate pods for mouth-watering hot-chocolate, ice-chocolate, mocha or affogato – you name it?!

You can order these as you need or subscribe to get the most bang for your buck!


Are snacks becoming your best buddies in isolation? We hear you! So naturally we needed to find something that satiated our snack cravings but didn’t break the zipper, you feel?

Introducing the snack angels at Snackwize, that deliver a whole box of guilt free goodness to your doorstep! With over 500 premium healthy snacks on offer –  you can opt for gluten-free, high protein or vegan. The all-natural and preservative free snack selection includes whole food protein bars and balls, sweet and savoury nuts, beef jerky, coconut chips, organic popcorn, raw chocolates – and lots more! Shelby’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almonds or Boulder Canyon Hickory Barbeque chips anyone?

These boxes of happiness start from $39.99 and offer incredible value at 40% off what you’d pay in the shops. There’s even a Quarantine box (pictured below), the perfect gift to send a loved one in need. Let’s face it, a snack will never go astray in iso – so we say, snack your life away!


Allie’s Cold Pressed Juices

Have you ever seen anything cooler than fresh cold pressed juice on tap? Maybe we don’t get out much, but we thought this was the best thing since sliced bread!

Getting your daily dose of vitamins has never been easier with Allie’s range of delightful cold pressed juices. These get delivered in packs of eight convenient bottles or in a goon bag of 20 serves! I mean lovely Allie would never say goon bag, so we’ll stay classy and call it a cask. It’s simply delicious grab and go goodness that will give you an instant immune boost. Luscious flavours such as Watermelon (with apple, strawberry and lime – what a combo), Daily Greens to get your daily health kick, Gingered Apple (yum), Heartbeet (Cucumber + Beetroot + Green Apple + Lime + Ginger) and Valencia Orange.

These beauties are $39.60 for a pack of 8 juices and $49.75 for a juice box that serves 20.



If you’re busy working from home and cooking is not your jam, then this is your answer! Nourish’d delivers an array of scrumptious chef-prepared healthy meals whilst keeping our waistlines at bay. Options are endless with something for every dietary including Keto, low-carb, paleo friendly, vegetarian, dairy-free, nut-free and more.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are on the menu including an All Day Big Breakfast with all the trimmings, a Paleo Pumpkin lasagna (our fave), Country Taco Skillet, Primal Pad Thai, Country Style Crumbed Chicken and the list goes on and on AND ON!

You can’t put a price on convenience and taste and there’s compromising here. Packs start at five meals from $69.35 so are super affordable, guilt free, fuss free – just heat, serve and voila!

Marley Spoon

This is magic in a box! Or in down-to-earth terms – a meal kit delivered to your door that contains everything to create delicious meals at home. You get a delectable selection of meals to choose from, such as Smokey Chicken burgers (let’s be real, the inner child in all of us longs to re-create our fast-food favourites at home). Four Cheese Ravioli with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce, Lamb Kofta Meatballs with Mediterranean Cous Cous salad are also on the menu – just to name a few. With a selection of 27 recipes weekly, including meat, fish, low-carb and vegetarian options, there’s no shortage of choice.

What’s not to love? You receive new recipes to add to your repertoire, have fun creating dishes either solo (with leftovers for the next day), with your bae or the family. What’s even better – there’s no food wastage, as everything is perfectly apportioned to the exact amounts you need – big tick! The kits are also really well priced, with portions starting from $8.50 per person. You couldn’t conjure up a snack for that!


This is the newest and coolest kid on the alcohol delivery block! Born in the ‘iso’ age, Boozi is the road to survival for major event company, Wats On Events – which had to diversify in order to survive. If there’s anything that the team knows how to do best, it’s delivering great service, quality beverages and memorable moments, even if it’s from the confines of your living room.

You can choose from three delivery options including, ‘Pronto’ for delivery within the hour and your beverages chilled. Offering a large range of beer including local brewery favourite Cattleyard Brewing Co., wines and spirits including mixers and garnishes. Because when life gives you lemons, add a little Gin & Tonic!

The team at Boozi knows that you might be craving a good time, so they’ll throw in a cheeky game to boot. Upon delivery, you will be offered the chance to scissor, paper, rock off with the driver. If you win, you score a free bottle! Of course, social distancing rules will apply.

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