NSW based music charity, Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD), is releasing its second annual National Youth Week Album this April. To celebrate we spoke to ambassador, Prinnie Stevens.


A panel of music experts including representatives from APRA, Sony Foundation and Universal Music will judge the tracks, with the winning songs being used to create a double album that will reflect the theme of this year’s National Youth Week, It Starts With Us.


The album will also include tracks from renowned Australian and international musicians. Last year’s debut album was a resounding success with artists from Bliss N Eso, Justice Crew and Public Enemy taking part and hundreds of copies downloaded across the country.


Dominic Brook, CEO of MMAD, said: “Music is a powerful way to help young people express their thoughts and feelings, and more than ever we feel that by giving kids their own voice, they will be able to tackle whatever it is that is going on in their lives in a positive way. At MMAD we see young people every day affected by some pretty big issues that impact the whole community, so we want to give them an opportunity to collaborate with each other and come together, whatever their background, through music and find positive solutions to their concerns.”


When completed, the album will be launched to coincide with National Youth Week, which this year runs from 8 to 17 April. The album will be free to download from www.freeyouthweekcd.com or through iTunes and Spotify.


MMAD is a charity organisation which aims to transform the lives of young people through music, dance and mentoring, especially those who may be homeless, traumatised or underachieving in life. MMAD runs over 1,400 free music and dance programs reaching over 20,000 young people inspiring them to reach their full potential. Programs are held throughout Sydney, Brisbane, NSW Central Coast, Melbourne, Perth & QLD Gold Coast.


The production of the album has been made possible by the support of MMAD sponsors APRA, Universal Music and the Sony Foundation.


We spoke to MMAD Ambassador Prinnie Stevens to find out more about MMAD and how she got involved:

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Tell us about how you got involved with Musicians Making A Difference? 


I have been involved w MMAD for over 5yrs now. They approached me about speaking to the kids after living in the states and being signed over there. i was invited to speak about my experience as a young aussie achieving her dreams overseas. I feel in love the kids and the programs that MMAD puts together, so much so that i havent left. They are definatley a part of my family now. 


How can people get involved? 


There are so many ways you can get involved. There are so many different programs for different kids in all areas all over Australia. The best thing is to jump on the website – www.mmad.org.au 


What advise would you give to aspiring singers?


My biggest advise for young singers is to be inspired by your own life experiences and to get as much experience as you can. No matter whether its in front of your school assembly or a cafe, its all the same. The hardest thing is dealing with nerves and over coming that so that people can hear your true potential.


What’s does 2015 hold for you?


2015 has started with Thriller Live – A Michael Jackson musical. It has been such an amazing experience for me being able to travel all over Australia and New Zealand. I’m lucky enough to be singing and dance on stage every night, which is where I’m the happiest. 


Where’s you fave place to hang out in Sydney?


My favorite place to hang in Sydney would definitely have to be the beaches. Nothing compares to Sydney beaches. There are so many different beaches all up and down the coastline. I love exploring them and always finding a new place to chill. 


Fave restaurant?


My favorite restaurant is Sokyo at The Star. The Japanese fusion cuisine is just insane! 


Who inspires you?


I’m inspired by my family and the amazing things they have done to better in each generation. This is what it’s all about, and I try to continue that legacy. 


For further information visit www.freeyouthweekcd.com. For further information about MMADand its programs, visit www.mmad.org.au

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