Sydney entrepreneur, Sasha Isaac is the man behind the boutique self-service Washroom Laundry laundromat chain and opened the first location in Randwick in late 2018 with the second opening in Coogee in February 2020. Recognising the fact that laundromats are still crucial parts of tightly knit urban communities and especially during these uncertain times, he is vowing to make the long-time urban staple cool again.

“Self-service laundromats aren’t a new concept of course, but the recent demand for them has been spurred on by increasingly small apartments that just have no room for laundries. The current offerings out there are also pretty grim to say the least” says Sasha.

“We have taken existing laundromats and updated them to turn them into places people don’t mind hanging out in whilst they do the necessary, but oh so boring chore of washing. All of the original washing machines have been replaced so they actually really wash and dry properly and are kind to clothes. Our machines are technologically advanced and are super- efficient so that they use a fraction of the water and energy of household machines. Each of our machines also disperse detergent so you can just rock up with your clothes and we do the rest.”

High-end design and laundromats don’t usually go together, but Washroom Laundry is trying to change that. The
laundromats are minimalist and mood-lit with vintage-inspired touches that make for an overall calming and pleasant experience.

Paying is simple too as you can tap and pay with a smartphone and pre-paid cards are coming soon that you can keep and use each time a service is used. There are multiple power points if you need to charge or use any devices and of course free wi-fi.

In the coming months, Washroom Laundry will be launching a locker service where you simply drop your laundry off for it to be washed and dried or dry cleaned within 24 hours and we will even text you when its ready to be picked up.

The new Waverley Washroom Laundry is located at 65a McPherson St. New Sydney central locations in St Leonards and Everleigh are also set to open up later in 2021.

Washroom Laundry is open 365 days of the year from 7am to 11pm. Small washes and dry are $7 with larger double washes priced at $12.


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