FACE HALO has just released the amazing FACE HALO X – the first ever re-usable, precision makeup remover.

Made with unique contour knitted HaloTech fibers, FACE HALO X has been specifically engineered to remove makeup and skincare products from delicate or hard to reach areas. The slim design is perfect for removing makeup from hard to reach or sensitive areas, such as the lash line, without messing up the rest of the makeup on your face.

The perfect cross between Q-Tip, touch up tool and cotton round, Face Halo X is precisely what you need to add to your clean beauty routine. FACE HALO X is to be used in conjunction with your normal Face Halo as a precision cleaning and makeup tool.  It is non-toxic and reusable for up to 200 machines washes and only requiring water to work.

Face Halo X is also the perfect size to carry around in your bag, so you can touch up smudged makeup on the go!

Each pack comes with 4 FACE HALO X plus a wash bag. RRP $38.00

Available exclusively at www.facehalo.com.au

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