There’s a brand new platform here in Aus, which is making waves since its arrival in Jan this year. Introducing our new fave: Poshmark.

Step aside DEPOP, Ebay and facebook marketplace, Poshmark empowers members with an easy to use platform, whilst also connecting its members to connect, collaborate and establish long terms partnerships.

We love the premise that the platform allows you access to your girlfriend’s closet! It’s definitely something we can get onboard with (albiet some GF’s more than others)!

It’s no secret that restrictions, lockdowns and travel bans over the last year have left so many of us feeling a lack of human connection. Poshmark reveals 68% of Aussies are feel more socially isolated than ever before, with 63% turning online to connect with other people.

The new research reveals Aussies are more receptive to forming connections online and using platforms in new ways — 60% of Aussies are more open to meeting new people online than they were five years ago, and 68% now belong to an online community. What’s more, while 46% of Aussies are using community groups for social networking and business advice, a rising amount (15%) of Aussies are looking to meet new people through resale marketplaces like Poshmark.

Jaimie Bloch, Clinical Psychologist and behavioural expert says, “As humans, we have an inherent desire for feeling connected with other people. When the pandemic separated us physically from our friends and family, naturally many of us felt incredibly isolated and disconnected. In the midst of this, we’ve seen people adapt to stay connected, from video calls and messaging loved ones to making new friends by joining online communities.”

Alex Constantinides, Poshmark’s General Manager for Australia added, “Over the past year, we’ve seen an acceleration of online shopping, with many seeking a more socially connected experience. Our research shows that it is the personal and human aspect of in-store environments that Aussies miss most, with almost 1 in 3 Aussies (30%) more likely to shop online if they could build a relationship with the seller. Poshmark was designed to create a personalised and social shopping experience, making it easy and fun to build relationships through a variety of in-app social tools and community events.”

“Whether it be sharing another Posher’s listings to their followers or attending a Posh N Coffee event, we’re extremely excited to see a supportive and vibrant Poshmark community forming in Australia.”

Poshmark continues to be at the forefront of trends impacting the future of shopping, including the shift to online and the shift to social.


Australians are invited to join Poshmark’s community of more than 80 million Poshers (users) across Australia, Canada and the U.S. to experience the future of shopping. For more information, please visit and Poshmark Australia’s Instagram.


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