Entertaining guests is an important duty of the average homeowner, and nothing welcomes friends into your abode better than a tastefully designed home bar. A home bar, of course, needs to serve its appointed purpose: dispensing drinks. At the same time, it should be an expression of your personal style. Let’s take a look at several home bars that are both stylish and functional.

The Straightforward Bar


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The home bar requires several key items. Foremost is the bar counter area itself, and there should be between two and four sturdy stools available for seating visitors. Shelves ought to be situated directly behind the bar area, and the display should be designed to allow guests to easily see what drinks are on offer. Overhead lighting not only sets the mood, but allows the server to operate in a properly lit space, helping to avoid potential mishaps. Additional lighting can be added to the bottle display to create a greater sense of glamour.

The Sports Bar


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Bar culture and sports culture are permanently intertwined in the popular imagination, so why not create the sense of being in a beautiful sports bar right in your home! The home sports bar needs some items celebrating the exploits of the owner’s favorite teams, and there ought to be a couple screens to capture all the action. Add a few functional, solid stools, and soon everyone will want to visit your place to watch the big game.

The Bar with Pure Style


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Not every homeowner is a sports fanatic, and some folks want to create a space that’s a pure expression of good taste to go along with an amazing selection of drinks. This format typically places an emphasis on limited seating and stylish lighting. The bar counter is smaller, and the space is less cluttered, with the exception of the bottle display. Everything is organized to allow the good host easy access to drinks and a chance to hold court over the conversation.

The Gameroom


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Some people feel that a bar isn’t complete without a few table games for guests to enjoy. This type of bar requires additional space, but it allows hosts to install large fixtures, such as pool tables. Gaming items should be staged far enough away from the bar area to reduce the chances that a pool ball that jumps from the table might create trouble.


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