Sydney Social 101 recently attending a workout session with  IsoWhey® Sports Ambassador and Owner of BattleFit Australia, Andrew Pap.

To say we were impressed is putting it mildly, so much so we wanted to know more! We sat down with Andrew to dig a little deeper…


You're welcome!

You’re welcome!

Tell us about your career.

My time in the Australian Defence Force definitely shaped who I am and my career today. Through that experience I also learnt a lot about how far people can be pushed before breaking point.

I began Battle Fit Australia to simulate military training with my own creative twist. Then being picked up to feature in ESPN’s hit series Search4Hurt, definitely drove my hunger to challenge myself and others further.

How did you get into PT?

I used to train myself down at my local oval, bringing with me my own sandbags, logs and jerry cans. Bystanders began to ask questions and fitness friends quickly decided to join in.

Before I knew it I was orchestrating 30 people, three times per week. I was forced to stop by the local council as I didn’t have a permit (even though no money was being exchanged). So I decided to do what I love as a career.

You have an impressive social media following, how did you get some many fans?

I believe people are attracted to my account because it’s real and there is no blatant advertising or fake messages. I think my passion permeates through my journey which can be seen with each picture. People want real and creative content.

If you had only 15 mins in the morning, what exercise would you recommend for toning?

A lot can be achieved in 15 minutes. I would begin with a dynamic warm up to raise my heart rate and switch on all my muscles.

Toning is essentially the process of the body changing its composition (less fat more muscle), so combining general strength and cardio would be used.

Assuming you’re only able to train at home, my 15 minute routine would consist of burpees, push ups, bear crawls, jump squats, wall walks, lunges, hindus. You could also incorporate weighted exercises using bits and bobs from around the house to perform thrusters (squat & press) and overhead head lunges, squats for example.

What’s your fave food when clean eating

One of my staple meals would be well seasoned chicken breast, with sweet potato and a mixture of sliced boiled eggs, broccoli, squash, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, chillies, garlic. This meal helps give me sufficient calories and nutrients to replenish my body.

Do you have a smoothie recipe that includes the Isowhey?

For a good post work-out smoothie to replace fluids and carbs I like the following:

– 2 eggs

– large banana

– 4 dates

– Table spoon almond butter

– 4 ice cubes

– Scoop of IsoWhey Sport’s vanilla protein powder

– 1cup of so good almond and coconut milk

Where do you like to hang out in Sydney when not working?

I like to hang out in Bondi and enjoy the beach and infinite supply of choice of great food and juices.

Where’s your fave bar?

I like The Depot in North Bondi and the Neighbourhood.

What’s next for you?

I want to further cement myself in this lifestyle by completing a 250km run in the Simpson desert this year in June and I’m excited to announce that I will be hosting season 4 of Search4Hurt this year.

I have a few charities that I plan to start soon, as I believe it’s all about giving back to your community. Also I have plans to create an innovative online training/nutrition program and further expand Battle Fit Australia’s reach.


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