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Vicolo is an incredible Victorian-jam-factory-turned-Italian restaurant in a quiet spot on Kent Street. Operating out of a classical 1800s warehouse, they provide a distinct blend of coffee from their front shop, while the kitchen and restaurant pump out fresh, classic Italian food and wine for lunch during the working week.

We really can’t overstate how lush the interior design is. As the site is heritage listed, the new owners have had to be extremely creative, taking care to preserve the natural aged patina. And have they ever – lamps hang over rustic gold tables, a living wall grows across the exposed brickwork, and windows open out onto a quaint cobblestone laneway. It’s a beautiful spot for a mid-day break, which will have you romanticising 19th century jam potting and forgetting all about your office dramas down the street.

We strongly recommend their lunch specials, starting with crispy-skinned barramundi. Next, go for the crispy pancetta carbonara, which – particularly for our lactose-intolerant friends – will answer your prayers, as not only is it the most richly flavoured spaghetti, but it is also made entirely without cream. A true miracle. Accompanying the food is a good selection of wines; for us, the standout for summer is a sweet strawberry rosé (the 2014 Fantini Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo). For dessert, we recommend trying the pistachio domes and a good old tiramisu.



Under the creative direction of Head Chef, Levi Randall, Vicolo has also recently undertaken a new jaunt into Sydney’s brunch scene, now opening on Saturday mornings with a range of gorgeously presented breakfast foods – including coconut waffles and Spanish omelettes.



Check out their website at


Vicolo Café 
346 – 348 Kent St. Sydney NSW 2000

02 8084 8475


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