We are spending more and more time in front of computers which can often lead to back pain and back discomfort! Brigitte Seelin, Co-Founder of newly refurbished Elite Spinal Physiotherapy & Pilates in Bondi Junction shares with us her top tips to help prevent back pain.

  1. Don’t sit for longer than 30 minutes without a break – even better, get a sit to stand desk. Sitting places the most strain on the inter-vertabral discs of your lumbar spine which over time can lead to disc degeneration and lower back pain.
  2. Get an ergonomic assessment – This will ensure your desk, computer and chair set up is ideal to help prevent any excess strain on the body.
  3. Eat a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods – Reducing inflammation in the body will decrease the chance of you developing back pain. It can also assist in reducing the prevelance of cervicogenic headaches which are linked to poor posture when using a computer.
  4. Meditate – Stress is directly linked to an increase in back pain. By meditating for as little as 15 minutes per day, stress levels are shown to improve. There are some fabulous apps available to guide you. My fave – Oprah & Deepak, a 21-day meditation experience. Give it a go !
  5. Stretch – It is important to stretch at the end of each day to decompress the spine. Did you know that we are up to 2cm shorter at the end of the day due to loss of disc height. The more compression that is placed on the spine, the greater the fluid loss from your discs.

For more info about Elite Spinal Physiotherapy & Pilates head to: www.elitespinalphysio.com.au

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