A new global microdrink sensation and hydration platform backed by tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has just launched in Australia. The waterdrop® range is available now and can be purchased via www.waterdrop.com.au

waterdrop® Microdrinks are cubes full of superb ingredients, vitamins and flavour – ready to add to your bottle of water making hydration fun and tasty. A healthy alternative to sugary drinks in plastic bottles, the cubes are 100 per cent sugar-free, made from real plant and fruit extracts and come in a wide range of options from sweet to herbal to match mood and desires.

waterdrop® also recently launched a sports hydration range in the waterdrop® Microlyte category: a new hydration-boosting cube that contains five electrolytes and nine vitamins. Unlike traditional sports drinks, waterdrop® Microlyte is naturally flavoured, includes no sugar or caffeine, and eliminates can and bottle waste.

Not only does waterdrop® taste great and is good for you, waterdrop®  also significantly reduces plastic use and CO2 emissions. The saving in plastic compared to traditional bottled drinks is achieved through the individual recyclable packaging of each cube. The plastic contained in a single cap of a traditional bottle is equivalent to 10 microdrinks.

In partnership with Plastic Bank, waterdrop® pledges to collect one plastic bottle for every 12-pack sold, meaning consumers can not only drink more sustainably, but they can also support waterdrop’s cause for a better future for the environment.

RRP $17.00

Available at: www.waterdrop.com.au

Flavours Include: 

  • LOVE – Pomegranate – Goji Berry – Schizandra
  • YOUTH – Peach – Ginger – Ginseng
  • GLOW – Mango – Cactus Fruit – Apricot
  • BOOST – Blackcurrant – Elderberry – Acai
  • FOCUS – Lime – Green Coffee – Lemon Leaf

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