Bongo’s Bingo is on its way and has finally released the onsale ticket dates! After much anticipation, Bongo’s Bingo will be releasing tickets for the Sydney and Melbourne Shows on Wednesday 17th May, 2017 at 6pm AEST. Be sure to get in quick as there are only 600 tickets available per state for the launch! $40 per ticket includes 6 games of Bingo and a WHOLE lotta fun. Bookmark this link in your phone now:

Dancing on tables, DJs dropping ‘phat’ beats, on the spot prizes and a frenzy of fun… not the usual things that spring to mind when you’re thinking about bingo right?! WRONG! Not when you’re talking about Bongo’s Bingo, the original bingo/rave phenomenon that continues to take the UK by storm with a series of sold-out shows in many principal cities. I had the absolute pleasure of going to Bongo’s Bingo in Liverpool last December for my birthday for its special ‘panto’ Jack and the Beanstalk theme, and I can honestly say without hesitation that it was one of the most fun (and unexpected) nights I’d even had!

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that Bongo’s Bingo will make its debut Down Under on Friday 23rd June 2017 in Paddington, Sydney, and that it will be launching a national tour the following week in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Bongo’s Bingo, for those unaware, is bingo unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a bingo hall. We’re not talking about legs 11 and two fat ladies, we’re talking classic 90’s tunes, raves on a table and booze flowing into the night. It is very important that you leave your Grannies at home for this one, letting loose pretty much compulsory.

When trying to describe this fantastic night to friends it’s hard to describe – show, rave, bingo, night out…? All of the above!

It is highly recommended that you book a table with a group of your friends, it’s a free for all and any friends that are left out will be green with envy, trust me!

Get a glimpse of all the crazy action and a taster of what’s to come check out this clip

Bongo’s Bingo Down Under Teaser clip from Michael Watson on Vimeo.

Founded by Jonny Bongo, who has been at the riotous and comical helm since the show’s inception in 2015, it has gone down in history as the one event that you need to put in your diary with most shows selling out instantly.

Imagine my excitement when I found out that the man himself will be making a special one-time-only appearance to get the Bongo’s Bingo party started Down Under! Where do I sign up?

In just two years, Bongo’s Bingo has become a pivotal part of the UK’s cultural landscape, helping to re-shape how people choose to go out at night.

A night out at Bongo’s Bingo quite simply has to be seen to be believed, you will not want to be behind the curve with this one!
Official guest line-up and DJ host to be announced in the coming weeks, with ticket sale dates soon to be released across the country for pre-sale in both Sydney and Melbourne.




WHEN:  Friday 23rd June, 2017

WHERE: Paddington Town Hall, Oxford St, Paddington NSW


WHEN: Thursday 29th June, 2017

WHERE: Collingwood Town Hall

COST: $40 per ticket includes 6 games of Bingo



Instagram: @bongosbingodownunder

Facebook: /bongosbingodownunder


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