Sharon Lee Eyebrow QueenHave you recently thought about upping your eyebrow game? We recently sat down with cosmetic tattoo extraordinaire, Sharon Lee, to discuss everything you need to know before touching those brows! Here is what we found out.

  1. Some skin types retain ink better than others but a talented therapist can work around scars and mature skin. 

Anyone with healthy skin can move forward with this procedure. The drier the skin the more cautious we are as dry skin holds the pigment so much more than an oilier skin type. We’ve done post chemo clients aged 11-15 right up to men with footy scars. The whole gamut.

  1. You may need more than one session for the end result to look natural and fabulous.  

We always suggest at least 3, with very fair clients it is frequently advised up front they may need a 4th in order to ensure the end result looks super natural.

  1. It won’t last forever… cosmetic commitment-phobes unite!

The results are totally dependant on colouring, oil flow and whether a client was a bleeder during the process. The darker the pigment used, the longer it tends to last.

  1. The whole process only takes about two hours!

Application of hospital grade anaesthetic cream which sits for a good 20-35 minutes then the consultation and actual process generally takes around 60 to 90 minutes.

  1. With the help of anaesthetic cream and a trained professional, the treatment doesn’t hurt…. really.

We work in an open forum and simply couldn’t get away with clients wailing in pain (bad for business), so yes, it’s totally bearable and a lot of clients even ask if we’ve started yet!

  1. Research the clinic (a lot) to find the therapist that is right for you.

Check out online reviews and Instagram. Look for photoshopping (you don’t want this) and hands down the best recommendations come from people who have actually had the experience so word of mouth is fabulous.

  1. Prep ahead by having a pamper sesh at the salon 🙂

Grow your brows out, make sure your hair colour is fresh and you’re not about to transition from a platinum blonde to a flaming red head. We want to colour match you perfectly so we should be your last stop, not the first. Take a panadol before you arrive just to take the edge off, or opt for a glass or two of champagne on arrival – works wonders!

  1. Relax even more and enjoy the experience of the day, the first session is the first stop on your eyebrow journey.

It’s all very civil and actually quite a luxurious experience. Above all else you should expect to leave feeling your brows may look a little darker than you’d hope but be reassured they will fade drastically over the following week which is exactly what we want. The first session is all about creating what will become the background and in no way reflects all the detail that will eventually be inlaid.

  1. Fade happens, don’t panic!

Depending on oil flow and how you sleep, you may experience some flaking but generally, you will merely see the colour dissipate day after day. By week two you’ll miss the brows you first walked out with and will surrender to the process at your follow up session.


Look out for our next chat with Sharon Lee when we chat about new cosmetic tattoo treatments. We promise that you will be seriously on trend! Hint: eyelashes are the next big thing.

Tell us what you think, would you get your eyebrows tattooed? If you are interested, Sharon Lee’s Instagram is a good place to find inspiration. 

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