Halloween is the perfect time to get creative and get your “spook” on. Whether a glamorous glitter ghoul is your go to or a horror hybrid freak show – your makeup is the last thing that you need to disappear on you. So here are some inexpensive tricks that will work a treat this scary season!

sue marshal

1. Use a sponge to apply your foundation/paint to your face. Always powder your base before applying the rest of your look.
2. If you are super oily – lightly apply a little milk of magnesia to your face with a cotton ball before applying your base, this will help your makeup stay all night! Even if you dance the night away!
3. When painting on your features dip your brush into a liquid makeup sealer before you swipe it in your eyeshadows or paints. This will waterproof them and make them more defined.
4. When applying anything wet to your face it’s always best to use a synthetic fibre brush. For any powdered makeup, real hair brushes work best for blending. Try your local art store or $2 store for great deals.
5. Use waterproof eyeliner from the drugstore is the best option for the finer more precision details of your look.
6. If applying glitter to your look, paint on clear eyelash glue to adhere the glitter to your face. Any glitter fallout can be removed with cello tape.

Happy Halloween!

The Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA) is the largest and most successful independent awards program judged by a panel of international industry professionals. It attracts thousands of entries each year from the nation’s most creative artists aspiring to achieve the prestigious accolade of being an AHFA winner.

sue ahfa

Sue Marshall, 2014 Australian Hair Fashion Awards Makeup Artist of the Year finalist

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