Glowing skin all year round is the dream! Of course it’s Winter – and we still want that healthy glow. Tanning is the way to go, but how can we choose a tan that’s right for us? Are tanners safe?

Today we chat to entrepreneur, Rebecca Colalillo, the owner and founder of GlowByBeca and asked her few questions you may be wondering yourself.



What inspired you to create GlowByBeca? 

I am inspired by endless summers and I have been tanning for over 12 years. I wanted to create a product that allows people to achieve a glowing and vibrant looking tan, without baking in the sun and causing long term damage. I wanted to create a product that can nourish and hydrate our skin, at the same time allowing you to feel confident in your own skin.

How do you want GlowbyBeca to make your clients and customers feel? 

Confident! I feel it is so important, however extremely hard to hold. When we look and feel great, it allows us to radiate a sense of self confidence and give off a glowing vibe.

Is GlowByBeca tanning mouse as good if not better than a sun tan? 

These days, we are becoming a lot more aware of the long term damage the sun does to our skin, both topically and internally. Spray Tanning and Self tanning, I believe, are the healthiest tanning options. Its a lot about longevity and tanning smart!

What is different about GlowByBeca tanning mousse? 

Its More Than Just A Tan! A Tanning Mousse that hydrates your skin while your tanned. The chocolate tan finish shows itself instantly after application leaving you with a superior salon quality finish. Light weight and no scent.

Is it suitable for all skin types and people of all ages? 

Of course! However if you are extremely sensitive, I would always recommend a test patch 24 hrs before apply it to your entire body, even though it is 100% natural.

What ingredients are used to help so ensure my skin does not dry out?

GlowByBeca is infused with organic oil such as Rosehip Oil and Macadamia oil to hydrate and feed the skin with antioxidants.

Is GlowByBeca a safe tanner? 

Other tanners often contain synthetic DHA, which has been found to cause cancer. GlowByBeca is 100% natural DHA! So it’s safe to use on your skin.

Using the GlowByBeca tanning mouse, how long will my tan last? 

It really depends on how dark you like your tan. The longer you leave it on the longer and deeper your tan will last and be. I usually say 5-7 days before re applying.

Have you worked with any high profile clients? How many years of experience have you had in the beauty industry? 

Yes.  TV personalities, Models & Designers. I  have been in the beauty industry for over 12 years now and have owned my own beauty salon for 10 years and recently our Glowbybeca tanning studio opened up in Paddington just 6 month ago.

Where is your product available and where are your salons located? 

GlowByBeca is Tanning Mousse Is Available at:

GlowByBeca Tanning Studio- Paddington

The Beauty Lounge – Bossley Park

Carricks Pharmacy – Bondi Rd Bondi

BaxterMelbourne – Elsterwick Vic

Norman and Brown Hair – Paddington

Opulent Hair Boutique – Griffith

And we have many other mobile tanning technicians offering our spray tans.

What is your vision for the future of GlowByBeca? 

Would like to expand globally and have our product range in many leading hair and beauty salons, maybe also at Department stores. I am already working on starting a training program to help inspire and educate Tan Technicians on how to grow there tan business.

How can we get more tips, tricks and special offers?

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