We have 5 double passes to giveaway to an exclusive advanced screening of MAN UP, in cinemas November 5. Check out the trailer here

Meet Nancy (Lake Bell): 34, single, hung-over and exhausted by her well-meaning but clueless friends’ continual matchmaking. After an especially disastrous set-up at her friends’ engagement party, Nancy is basically done with dating. That is, until 40-year-old divorcee Jack (Simon Pegg) mistakes Nancy for his 24-year-old blind date under the clock at Waterloo Station. In a moment of uncharacteristic optimism, Nancy decides to just… go with it. In cinemas November 5, Man Up is an honest, heart-warming and hilarious rom-com.

To enter, all you’ve got to do is comment below where you would organise a first date in Sydney?

The screening will take place Monday evening on 2nd November at EVENT cinemas on George St.


CONGRATULATIONS! The winners are: Hilda, Paul, Alissa and Karen via this page and Annie on our Facebook page.

18 Responses

  1. Fong

    My first date would be to dinner at an all you can eat buffet, that way I can see what her preferences are.

  2. Karen Ed

    Starting first at Luna Park – see if he squeals like a baby on the rides or loves the thrill.
    Then over to Circular Quay for a casual dinner and drinks – see how comfortable conversation is between us and if we have anything in common.

  3. Paul

    My first date would start at the circular quay where we would board some random ferry and cruise for hours so we can chat away into the night then have dinner at some other random restaurant 🙂

  4. Leah

    That’s easy – a visit to the off leash dog park to have coffee and see how he reacts to pups and vice versa. Dogs are a great judge of character, so they could give me a helping hand! Plus, it would be a super cute date!

  5. Ruby

    My first date would be a walk around the city followed by a picnic lunch over looking the harbour we would stay there until the sun set to see the amazing views then go to luna park for some fun

  6. Clare

    My first day would be to the fanciest restaurant I could think of – I judge a man on how much he’s willing to spend on good food!

  7. Hilda

    Street food and bizarre street performances will entertain and generate great conversation on a first date; The Rocks Village Bizarre is perfect!

  8. Alissa

    My ideal first date would be me at the top of Sydney Tower letting my hair down just like Rapunzel, allowing my prince to climb into my castle for some fish and chips.

    • Clare Gemmell

      The fifth winner entered the competition on our Facebook page. Check there to see her winning suggestion!


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