Rakija has been made by DNA Distillery founders and cousins Monique and James’ family for five generations. Their Dedo’s recipe was so famous in the village that people would travel by foot for the chance to taste it. When their family moved to Australia, they brought Dedo’s beloved drink with them, they would share it with friends, slip it to the neighbors, and sneak a few sips when their Baba wasn’t looking. 


Monique and James launched DNA Distillery, taking their Dedo’s recipe and upped the game – same soul and better everything else! Launching three variants; Classic Rakija, Gold Rakija, and Pear Rakija DNA Distillery Rakija is made using Australian-grown fruits and double distilled in small batches to provide you with a delicious beverage you can also enjoy with your family and friends no matter where you are!  

Sydney Social 101 recently had the opportunity to taste test the Classic and the Pear Rakija. Delicious both served neat as well as mixed in a cocktail (check out their website for some delicious recipes), DNA Distillery’s Rakija is strong, smooth and robust in flavour. The Classic Rakija is made from Shiraz grapes while the pear is made from ( you guessed it) pear and the flavour of each of these ingredients is beautifully present in each individual spirit.


A bottle of DNA Distillery Rakija retails for $79.00 and can be purchased through the DNA Distillery website www.dnadistillery.com 

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