Fever-Tree is revolutionizing the cocktail scene with the introduction of two exciting new mixer options. The arrival of the Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer marks an expansion of Fever-Tree’s already beloved product lineup, which includes a range of tonics, sodas, and ginger ales. These newcomers carry forward the same unparalleled taste and quality that consumers have come to adore and make cocktail making simple, effortless and deliciously fun.

With these mixers, you can whip up multiple servings in a flash, without the need for additional liqueurs or syrups, and without the hassle of squeezing or muddling. Hosting at home becomes a breeze with the Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer, saving you time and reducing unnecessary pantry clutter or perishable ingredients.

The Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer are expertly crafted for pairing with premium spirits, featuring the finest natural ingredients. Both bottles promise bar-quality cocktails without the use of artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or preservatives. Plus, they have significantly lower sugar content compared to their competitors.

The Classic Margarita Mixer bursts with flavor, blending superior Mexican limes, Italian blood oranges, and a touch of Scottish sea salt for a juicy and zesty experience. All you need is your favorite tequila to create an authentic margarita. The Sparkling Mojito Mixer also showcases Mexican limes, complemented by earthy Moroccan spearmint. A splash of rum transforms it into a perfectly balanced and refreshing mojito.

Fever-Tree’s new cocktail mixer range promises confident and hassle-free cocktail creation, turning your next gathering into a true connoisseur’s delight. You can find the Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer starting at just $19.50 AUD at your nearest Dan Murphy’s store now.

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