Keeping the Kings Cross heart beating; Crane bar launched its summer cocktail menu last week with a glamorous event proving that Sydney-siders can still party like the grown ups that we are, and in style.Crane.7.8.2015-34

The sophisticated soiree saw the new menu launch of 40 carefully crafted concoctions by mixologist Mike Finelli. Attendees to the VIP event included ANTM’s Madeline Huett, Josh Flinn, Viola K and bloggers Alex Cuthill, Benji Condi and Nathan Tito.Crane.7.8.2015-49

We were also treated to a tasty selection of canapes by chef Taichi Ito, with music provided by DJ Rodd Riches hitting up the decks accompanied by the soulful tones of vocalist Arrnott Olssen

Crane.7.8.2015-74Crane.7.8.2015-8 Crane.7.8.2015-18  Crane.7.8.2015-50Crane.7.8.2015-80Crane.7.8.2015-84Crane.7.8.2015-87Crane.7.8.2015-90Crane.7.8.2015-57Crane.7.8.2015-61

More importantly, the venue was pumping, full of people who are able to go out, enjoy alcohol and behave like adults. There are still many reasons to head to Kings Cross for a night out and Crane is keeping the soul alive.


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