After creating global news with his ‘Bambi’s Mum’ dish of venison, served with a side of rifle casings, Chef Nelly Robinson of Sydney’s nel. Restaurant has finally launched the long awaited ‘Chapter 3’ of his incredible 11-course ‘Once Upon a Time’ degustation series inspired by his favourite childhood Disney movies.

Whilst diners are not set to chow down on Bambi’s mother this year, they will be confronted with a dish inspired by Winnie the Pooh which features pork belly (sorry Piglet) glazed in Winnie the Pooh’s favourite snack – honey – and topped off with carrots inspired by the always gloomy Eeyore. In fact, the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ inspired dish is the most delicious rendition of the childhood story you may ever get to see.

If that’s not enough main character munching, ‘It’s A Flounder’ is an incredible dish of flounder (obviously), cauliflower and sea herbs inspired by none other than The Little Mermaid and her best friend.

Other dishes include the Coco inspired ‘Day of The Dead’ and ‘Crème De La Edger’ sugar milk bombs inspired by The Aristocrats As always, nel.’s degustation will have diners who are lucky enough to secure a booking feeling completely overwhelmed with nostalgia.

Nelly loves to truly surprise his guest and so many details of the menu are still under wraps, but in our attached fact sheet, we have given further details about the dishes, the movies they were inspired by and the key element flavours.


Once Upon a Time, Chapter 3’ will be launching on 29 June and runs until October 9 with bookings available HERE


$145 per person, plus $105 for matching wines and cocktails.

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