If the cheeseburger is the American restaurant’s benchmarking equivalent of a bolognese, then the fish burger is the American diner’s risotto. Thankfully for us,  the Stuffed Beaver do a very fine job of both.

Where certain Bondi Beach burger establishments represent the equivalent of an eastern suburbs instagram model’s freakish proportions, I’m pleased to report that the Stuffed Beaver attracts with its approachable and natural beauty. Their new Crows Nest lodging is equally as inviting, though a lot bigger than their original Bondi venue, with 140 seats across a multi tiered den featuring a 1980s Mongoose BMX, 80’s & 90s’s arcade games and some incredible retro wall art and bric a brac.

The burger listing has been distilled down to the favourite burgers from Bondi. Our pick is the Make ‘Americana’ Great Again, which apparently outsells the others by about 40 glorious meaty morsels per night. There’s also an amazing selection of Hot Dogs, Poutine Fries (a must!), Spicy Tacos and Nachos to be paired with a range of Aussie craft beers and rocking cocktails. Our fave being the Stuffed Beaver Bloody Caesar (the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary).  Is it after midday yet?
This is your new local on North side. The down to earth, dive-bar style is the perfect place to break up your week with a few cheeky after work memory-erasers, or to settle in for a real session on the weekend. Do yourselves a favour and don’t leave without indulging in some poutine fries, a burger, and the glorious Stuffed Beaver Bloody Caesar. Enjoy!

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