Here at Sydney Social 101 we’re always looking for ways to nurture and look after our bodies after all the parties we attend and being guilty of burning the candle at both ends (you know we’ve all been there!). After the indulgences of the silly season, to say we were feeling bloated and were carrying a ‘few extra holiday KGs’ would be putting it mildly.

A close friend recommended a brand new detox program called ‘Smart Cleanse’ – we were dubious to say the least. We’ve all tried the juice detox, cutting everything out diets and the fads and the fakes – hell we’ve even tried a tea-tox, suffice to say, to no avail. We decided however to give this a go due to the glowing reviews on Instagram, Facebook and online.

Our editor is now 14 days into the Smart Cleanse and has lost a total of 6kg and feels amazing. The cleanse involves cutting out alcohol, caffeine, salt and sugar (I know it sounds scary, but bear with us and trust us on this one!) for 14 days.

8 Days in and 5KG lost!

8 Days in and 5KG lost!

The pack comes with 5 different ‘potions’ (all completely organic, gluten-free and natural) that first of all ‘weed & seed’ your gut in week 1 and then ‘feed’ in week 2.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the first 3 days aren’t pleasant, the withdrawal from the caffeine and sugar is the worst – bad headaches are experienced as your body flushes you of your nasty toxins – which actually means that it’s working. Trust us in saying, if you stick with it until Day 4 –  you won’t look back.

You don’t starve yourself, you have 3 meals a day that consist of protein and vegetables. Each day you can have no more than 30g of carbs, which is actually really easy, especially with the Smart Cleanse bible (As we like to call it). We also supported the cleanse with daily 30 minute low-intensity exercises. We found that preparation was key, planning the meals, ordering the food online, preparing meals the night before work… All common sense really!

If you wish to try the Smart Cleanse for yourself, head to:

An example of the ingredients of the Vegetable Fritatta

An example of the ingredients of the Vegetable Fritatta

The plan is laid out so clearly in a handy guide book that has been written by Savannah Daisley BHSc ND, Smart Cleanse’s founder.

We took a moment to chat to Savannah about Smart Cleanse and how it came to be.

How did the idea for Smart Cleanse come about?
I began my career 16 years ago in the Wellness Industry specialising in Detoxification, Stress Management and Weight Loss. It wasn’t until I went to a lecture where I met with the now famous Cellular Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton of Stanford University Medical School USA, who shared his research findings that 95% of disease was caused by toxins, stress and negative beliefs (perception).


You know that life-changing moment when that light bulb switches on and everything goes quiet? Well that moment then was the beginning of my interest in detoxification and the inspiration behind forming Smart Cleanse.


I then became the resident Naturopath and lectured at the Golden Door Health Retreat Hunter Valley for 6 months on Detoxification and stress and how they are both the 2 major causes of poor health and illness (the 3rd one is negative beliefs). I was actually selling a large number of 6 week Metagenics Detox Programs at the end of my lecture in the consultations that followed and I became very passionate about developing a series of Practitioner Grade Detox Products that came in a kit and was convenient and user friendly for people.


Most if not all Practitioner Grade Detox Products are sold separately so you would need to see a naturopath to have the program put together and these products are not always available to the public, hence why they are known as ‘Practitioner Only’ also.


I also wanted to create a Program in kit form that was a combination of the best scientifically proven methods for detoxification and safe and effective weight loss. Smart Cleanse is just that and that’s why almost 100% of customers report successful weight loss on average of 4-5 kilos in 14 days.


Customers that of course don’t need to lose any weight can just follow the detox program, consuming all the detox products and eating organic from all food groups, except dairy.


So the idea came about because I saw that classic hole in the market for Smart Cleanse and thought I would be capable of helping thousands of patients in a day than I could in one on one consultations by the hour! Now this extra time has allowed me to have a baby together with a Business which I’m so grateful for (although I don’t actually have much extra time now that I think about it! Laughs).


Over a number of years now, I have helped thousands of people detoxify their bodies, lose weight, boost their digestion, improve strength and fitness, eliminate stress, reverse the ageing process and overcome various adverse health conditions through the benefits of this Naturopathic and Practitioner Grade approach to detoxification.



What research did you have to do to ensure that the products worked?

Before I manufactured all these products I made them all on my own by hand (being a qualified Herbalist) and prescribed the program to hundreds of customers who reported miraculous wellness and weight loss results. We had a lot of great testimonials back then (and they are rising) and all their results and positive feedback gave me certainty and confidence to take this to the market place.


I had already researched every ingredient in each product during my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and my Bachelor of Health Science at The University of New England Armidale so I knew how to formulate nutritional and herbal medicine.


In saying that, my Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Consultant and I worked for months gathering all the research and tweaking the formulations that I had already designed for my handmade version.


We had eyes firmly on the TGA, Australian Registry for Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), Food Standards Australia, the latest American and British  pharmacopeias, Double Blinded Controlled Cross over studies and clinical trials for at least 6 months. The herbs, vitamins, amino acids, superfoods, minerals, and probiotics inside the products are all approved by The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or Food Standards Australia (FSA).


I started mixing so many by hand with my assistants, that I had no choice but to manufacture it. That was an exciting decision that day!

What are the main issues that people find when doing the cleanse?

Letting go of vices is by far is the hardest for Smart Cleanse customers and creates the most discomfort of withdrawal. Given that 90% of Australians consume caffeine, I think for most people avoiding caffeine seems to be the trickiest. That’s why I strongly recommend on the back of the pack that customers gradually wean themselves off caffeine 4 days prior.


This avoids that caffeine withdrawal headache as blood flow in the brain has had time to adjust. As caffeine also stimulates and then depletes dopamine (happy neurotransmitter) receptors in the brain, abruptly dropping caffeine can cause flat mood for just a couple of days. I also know some clients that have gone from 320 mgs of caffeine (or 4 coffees/day) to nothing the next and felt so nauseous they have had to leave my detox seminar or thought that the products were making them sick.


In almost all cases it’s abrupt caffeine cessation. Same goes for the adrenal glands which also get burnt out from over secreting adrenalin and cortisol (major stress hormones), which will initially cause fatigue when stopping caffeine too suddenly. It’s a drug that we must treat ourselves carefully with. Caffeine is 9 times out of 10 the culprit with detox side effects.


Other main issues that people find when doing Smart Cleanse is week 1 Colon Cleansing which is critical preparation for week 2 seeding in good bacteria and liver cleansing. You cannot successfully detoxify without ‘clean pipes’ so to speak and in the presence of stagnation. Most people find that it has a perfect effect of controlled release and get hooked on that light energised feeling of a cleansed colon and detoxified gastrointestinal system.

If you could give three points to someone starting the cleanse, what would they be?

Detox Prep is a must! As they say “If you don’t prepare then prepare to fail.”

Top Prep Tips:

  1. As mentioned above gradually wean yourself of the 4 major toxins but especially caffeine and alcohol 4 days prior. 3 shots, 2 shots, 1 shot then half a shot respectively and that way I guarantee that you will avoid headache, fatigue and nausea.
  2. Squeeze 6 lemons every few days and refrigerate in a jar for morning lemon & warm water on arising and as salad dressing.
  3. Stock your fridge full of organic vegetables and protein (and fruit week 2) and remove all sugary, processed foods from your home. Will be much easier to stay on track!


What famous faces have you worked with?

I’m not supposed to say but I have worked with Russell Crowe for a few years, Seal, Mischa Barton, David Spade and Celebrity Sport Stars like Brett Lee and well known Olympic swimmers.


Tell us about how you got here?

By WOM I think and then through a long-term client of mine that was involved with them.


How long has Smart Cleanse been a work in progress?

I found the right team and manufacturer and developed it in just under 2 years. There was a lot of back and forth once the samples were produced getting it just the way I wanted it. For example it took 4 months of back and forth just to perfect the flavouring which is organic vanilla bean, cinnamon, peppermint. Even though a few customers say that it isn’t great tasting (usually men, laughs) I have to pose the questions to you guys, “have you ever tried herbal medicine that hasn’t been deliciously flavoured and naturally sweetened like Smart Cleanse has?” I have lots of customers though who say the products taste pleasant. I’ll leave it up to you to decide but I love them and crave them everyday.

After a lot of research, hard work, dedication and patience we were very pleased to have finally launched Smart Cleanse on the national market July 1st (and internationally online). 

Wishing everyone success!


Embrace the Power of Health and Vitality!

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Here at Sydney Social 101 we have received no payment to write this review, the results more than speak for themselves. If you’re going to do any Detox this 2015, we simply could not recommend it highly enough.


Check out the change in our editor’s body after just 8 days! AMAZING!


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