Zoosk, a popular online dating site, held a study on what online daters really think about poor grammar, and it turns out that poor grammar discourages one in five people to message someone they’re attracted to.

Here are the facts;

Nearly half of singles consider poor grammar to be a deal breaker in online dating.

Men are more lenient than women, 60 per cent wouldn’t let grammar get in the way of pursuing a date.

65 per cent of women consider poor grammar a deal breaker.

Response rates for first messages sent with an exclamation point are 10 per cent higher than average.

YOLO decreases response rates by 47 per cent (R.I.P, YOLO) but……

LOL increases responses by 25 per cent (YA, LOL!)


The majority of singles are turned off the most by blatant spelling errors; forgetting that space between “alot” will decrease response rates by 12 per cent!

Nearly a quarter of singles think poor grammar means someone is uneducated or unintelligent, while a similar number (27 per cent) think these singles are lazy and just don’t care.

Contrary to popular belief, using a full stop at the end of a text message impresses singles – 93 per cent of singles would be happy if they received a text message with this proper punctuation (rather than assume it’s aggressive or insincere).

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The ultimate grammar offences are;
Mixing up there, their and they’re
Its vs. it’s
Your vs. you’re
Inappropriate use of apostrophes or commas
Blatant spelling errors
14.27% of males, 32.84% females said poor grammar on someone’s online dating profile is the ultimate turn-off.
25.78% of males, 32.30% of females would give them the benefit of the doubt, but after multiple offences it’s a deal breaker.
What is your deal breaker?

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