It’s time to get lucky!

Now that summer’s over (cry emoji), there’s no better time to detox from all those silly season shenanigans and check yourself before you wreck yourself. In comes delicious, nutritious angel on our shoulder Lucky You Cleanse.

Lucky You is the holy grail in juice cleanses and the leaders of simplistic, organic cleansing – making it their mission to create fresh, unpasteurized and cold-pressed juice. With a host of celebrity fans including Miranda Kerr, Jesinta Campbell and Tim Robards we needed to get in on the action.

The low down: The finest raw fruit and vegetables are used in a process created and driven by Founder, Heidy Jameel. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment, Lucky You deliver pure, nutrient dense, power-packed juice to your door – removing the mess and cost of juicing at home.

The program is the result of Heidy’s extensive travels throughout Puerto Rico, studying under the pioneer of wheatgrass – Ann Wigmore.

It was here Heidy developed Lucky You’s ‘alive’ food philosophy; promoting foods that maintain health and longevity.

The way it works: You simply order your cleanse online (with cleanses ranging from 1-6 days) and pick your start date and *voila* a bright green cooler bag, filled with all of nature’s seasonal best arrives to your door in liquid form.

Each day you get to drink six nutritionally packed juices, ranging from a delectable green smoothie for breakfast to a lush cashew nut mylk in the evening.

The best thing is your brain capacity is completely freed up by eliminating the need to decide what you’re going to have for your next meal (at least 60% of our thought process), because it’s all there for you with a cute little instruction booklet and chronologically numbered jars – fool proof!

Get your very own Lucky You Cleanse right here:

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