There’s a new APP in town for beauty lovers and it goes by the name of Glamazon. The APP has revolutionised the way consumer’s book beauty appointments. Glamazon is a one-stop, go-to beauty platform granting users instant access into the diaries of elite salons in Sydney and Melbourne, such as Joh Bailey, The Bronzing Boutique, The Nail Lab, Tan Temple, Edwards & Co and Alkaline Spa. The Glamazon App allows consumers to discover, book and pay for all of their last-minute salon treatments, immediately and on-the-go from the convenience of their Smartphone.

Sydney Social 101 was so intrigued by the APP we decided to sit down and chat to founder Lauren Silvers:

Q: Tell us about Glamazon

A: Glamazon is the newest and coolest way to book all of your salon appointments. Glamazon is Australia’s number one go-to beauty app, granting users instant access into the diaries of elite salons in Sydney, Melbourne and, most recently, Brisbane. The Glamazon app allows consumers to instantly book and pay for all of their salon appointments conveniently and seamlessly from their Smartphones.

Q: What does the next year hold?

A: The next year is extremely exciting for Glamazon! We are expanding our reach with increasing numbers of salons in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as demand for Glamazon continues to grow. We are also developing a new feature for the app – GLAMfit, a platform that will connect users to last minute fitness services such as personal training, yoga, Pilates, paddle-boarding and more to ensure that even with our busy lifestyles, a healthy work-life balance can be achieved without having to commit to a gym membership or personal trainer.

Q: What’s your USP?

A: Glamazon App offers consumers the only real-time, integrated booking and payment option when it comes to premium salon appointments in Australia. We eliminate unnecessary time spent on the phone and in the salon and instead provide premium experiences where the user can book and pay for glamorous services in seconds.

Q: How did it come to life?

A: I developed the concept behind Glamazon when I realised the archaic nature of booking and paying for beauty appointments. Like myself, salon goers desire a smooth booking and payment process, and what better way to solve this problem than to develop a platform that integrates the whole process.

Q: What advice would you give to others running a start up?

A: Don’t be afraid of the people around you, they will be the one’s supporting you through the start-up rollercoaster. Share your ideas and be open to suggestions and feedback. Also, surround yourself with a team that have a shared passion to see your idea succeed.

Q: If you could give one piece of advise to yourself when you started what would it be?

A: It is very important to understand that the start-up process has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day it is worth every minute of it. To watch your own idea come to life and fulfil the needs of others is an amazing experience.

Q: Where’s your fave place in Sydney?

A: I have grown up in Bondi and I could not think of a more beautiful location. I love going for evening walks along the promenade and finishing my day off with a swim in the ocean to clear my mind.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A: I have lived in Sydney and New York and although they are both amazing, Sydney will always be the place for me. I love that I can have both the fast-paced city life and the Australian beach lifestyle all in one. In saying that, there are so many places in this world that I want to see and who knows what the future holds. The London lifestyle has always intrigued me.

Q: Who is your Style-inspiration?

A:Internationally, I really love Olivia Palermo’s style. My Australian inspiration would be Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley, who never puts a foot wrong in head-to-toe monochrome.

Q: Your must have beauty product?

A: There’s nothing more important than having a good mascara! I don’t wear a lot of make up but I do love having luscious lashes with a clean, fresh face. I use YSL mascara and YSL touché éclat.

Q: Fave item in your wardrobe?

A: I’m currently in love with my Celiné oversized tuxedo jacket, whether it’s with a t-shirt and jeans or layering for a night out this jacket is always perfect.

Glamazon acts as your personal assistant, instantly tracking the nearest salon that offers the treatment you desire at the most convenient time for you. Our partner salons offer a variety of services to ensure you are polished from head to toe; including Blow dry, Haircut, Spray Tan, Waxing, Nails, Lashes, Massage, Facial and Cosmetic Treatments such as Botox and teeth whitening, ensuring that women everywhere can beautify themselves in every possible way.

As Glamazon allows customers to fill last-minute appointments and cancellations, VIP pricing may be offered to ensure there are no empty salon chairs. This, coupled with geo-location tools, hand- selected partner salons, and an instant cashless payment system, means becoming a Glamazon has never been more seamless.

Founded by former beauty & fashion public relations professional Lauren Silvers, Glamazon was developed out of her own desire to easily connect with her favourite salons. Lauren is passionate and committed to providing consumers with a service that bridges the gap between salon and customer. It’s Lauren’s belief that whether it is a lunchtime manicure or an emergency wax, you shouldn’t need to book weeks in advance to receive quality treatment. Propelled by her passion to create an all-in-one beauty platform, Lauren confidently believes that “Glamazon is an App that will change you – from head to toe.”

Glamazon makes it even easier and affordable to GLAM-ON-THE-GO! Available for download now on the App Store
W: S: @glamazon_app

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