Stuck for time but want to keep up your beauty routine? These five clinics around Sydney provide head to toe treatments under 45 minutes and won’t leave you looking like you’ve had anything “done.”


Dr Naomi is one of the best cosmetic doctors out there and offers a fabulous lunchtime facial;

The Power Peel
Time: 45 minutes
This skin treatment is designed to help dehydrated, sun damaged skin that needs a nice pick me up. Don’t let the name fool you, it is safe to return to work straight afterwards without anyone noticing.
Q-Switch Laser Facial
Time: 30 minutes
This laser treatment stimulates collagen, cleans out pores, tightens and brightens the skin. This can also be used to treat Melasma and Acne.
Bondi Junction
The Body Catalyst uses non-surgical treatments to reduce body fat, cellulite and tighten skin.
Time: 40 minutes
This treatment uses radio frequency to reduce cellulite and aid in fat loss – it doesn’t hurt either, I promise! The fat cells are liquified and then pass through the lymphatic system.
Skin Tightening
Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the area
This treatment uses Fractional Focus RF to tighten skin across all areas on the body and face. The most popular areas are face, neck, chin, décolletage, stomach, arms and inner thighs. This technology accelerates the production of new collagen and elastin fibres – and again, doesn’t hurt!
Crows Nest
The DMK HQ is located on Hume Street and is the powerhouse for clear, healthy skin.
The MediPedi
Time: 35-45 minutes
This foot treatment removes callouses and hard skin build up without the use of a razor. One treatment will leave your feet feeling smooth and soft.
Transdermal Nutrition Treatment
Time: 45 minutes
Packed with nutrients that your skin needs, this customised facial will hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of the skin.
Bonus – both treatments can be applied at the same time!
Classic Beauty has been in Hunter Street for 16 years and is a one-stop-shop for all of your lunchtime beauty needs in the city.
Oxygen Facial
Time: 45 minutes
This new treatment works with a machine that introduces oxygen directly into your skin’s pores with a fusion of antioxidants. The oxygen is used to help skincare product penetrate the skin up to 90% more than if you just applied the product. Perfect before a night out!
Spray Tan
Time: 10 Minutes
Techno Spray Tan is certified organic and comes in a range of colours perfect for any skin tone.

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