Kombucha (kom.bu.cha), it’s more than just an unpronounceable beverage. Often seen masquerading as draft beer, this liquid elixir doesn’t quite belong in a bar, although it’s just a matter of time.


Kombucha is a fermented green or black tea boasting a number of health benefits, yet has a slight amount of alcohol, but not enough to get you boozed. It contains live bacteria, which is called scoby. This scoby needs sugar to survive, which we can all sympathize with. Similar to the production of beer, yeast is added to help promote the fermentation process. The scoby is left to bask in its bath of tea and sugar for several days and may have additional flavours added to the mix. It actually tastes flipping delicious and is poured in a number of healthy shops and cafes which saves you from having to make it yourself.


Wild Kombucha © The Bharani Effect



Orchard St Juices – Paddington & Bondi

Known for its freshly pressed juices developed by a naturopath they also serve the sparkly beverage on tap. The brew is made by Ballsy Kombucha and tastes like a bright summers day; it could almost pass as drinking a flavoured Schweppes without the tooth decay. If you’re not convinced, they’ll let you taste it first and if it really doesn’t float your boat they’ve got a mountain of delicious juices to choose from instead.


Bare Naked BowlsManly

Situated near Manly Beach this is the perfect refresher without having to succumb to a beer at noon. Here they offer three flavours of kombucha and is self pour. Refills are encouraged and cost less the second and third round. There’s usually a spicy, sweet and neutral flavour to try and would pair nicely with their epic smoothie bowls.


The FarmPott’s Point

Nestled in the heart of Pott’s Point, the Farm is the ultimate health hang with an abundance of health food sold in bulk as well as coco whip on tap and of course kombucha with three flavours to chose from; ginger, orange and berry. I’m a ginger kind of gal and apparently so is everybody else, so instead I tried the orange which was the perfect antidote to the warm weather. If pouring beers is a pastime you’ll be a pro, but if not beware kombucha is a live bacteria and has the tendency to take on the role of a fountain if not poured carefully.


Egg of the Universe – Rozelle

Kombucha is endless at Egg of the Universe. In any given time, you can see the fermented beverage brewing on stacks of shelves in the courtyard. I think I counted at least 30 large jars. For veteran kombucha drinkers, opt for the vintage, which has been brewed longer giving it an extra tart flavour. Or try spiced honey kombucha which is pretty damn good. Egg of the Universe is also a haven for wellness with a yoga studio perched above the cafe.

Ballsy BrewingLeichhardt

If a kombucha bar sounds more delightful than a pub, well, saddle up to Ballsy Brewing in Leichhardt. Inspired by the local kombucha on the island of Maui in Hawaii, the owners Matt and Lara decided to bring the same flair back to Sydney. The brewery itself offers up to five flavours to sample however you can also sip a schooner of it in some of Sydney’s prominent health cafes including:

Orchard St Juices, Paddington and Bondi

The Greenhouse Café, Darlinghurst

Ruby’s Diner, Waverley

Single Origin Roasters, CBD

Manly Food Co Op, Manly

Kombucha is like cider’s distant cousin, however you won’t feel the need to down several of them to feel good.

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