Let’s face it, we have all gone camping or caravaning and have forgotten to pack essential items to make the the experience more comfortable and fun. I for one have forgotten to pack enough lights which has meant dinner in the dark and in bed by 6:30pm during winter.  If  you are heading camping these winter school holidays, here are some tips from The Blocks Kara Demmrich to make your experience comfortable and fun!

Some of Kara’s tips include:

•            Bring your home comforts

Love a barista made coffee as soon as you wake up? Bring a coffee percolator to set on the fire pit and a battery-operated milk frother, just because you’re away from your favourite coffee shop doesn’t mean you have to miss out on good coffee!

Also things like bringing your favourite mug, plate or cooking pan are often over looked but are so important when on the road or camping for a few weeks at a time.

•            Pack your comfiest bedding and a few good towels

Caravan and camper van beds aren’t always the most accommodating for a good night’s sleep, so jazz them up with the sheets and pillows you love at home. Fleece sheets are great for warming up on cold nights.

Also, as well as packing beach towels, include another nice towel for showering. Whilst campsite shower blocks are often the furthest thing from luxury, having a large, quality towel to dry off after makes a big difference.

•            Simply adjustments for everyday convenience

In a small space, adding sticky hooks to the walls is perfect for de-cluttering and having a spot to hang keys, jackets, hats and bags. A doormat at the front entrance stops little feet bringing sand and dirt throughout your caravan or campervan. And an outdoor umbrella or awning is ideal for creating a shaded area directly in front, protecting you from sun or rain, as well as giving you a nice outdoor area for seating.

•            Don’t forget your AA and AAA batteries and charge your battery packs, as you won’t always have access to electricity on the road

The top situations leading to low battery anxiety in Aussies is forgetting to bring extra batteries/chargers/power banks for electronic devices when travelling (23%) according to the Energizer Battery Report, so have a good stash on hand! With torches, headtorches, lanterns and so many great kitchen and toiletry items (and let’s not forget kids’ toys) requiring batteries, choosing quality batteries that go the distance is so important. Our family chooses Energizer MAX™ AA and AAA batteries, as they’re up to 100% longer lasting and Energizer MAX PLUS™ AA and AAA batteries as they’re up to 200% longer lasting, meaning we rarely need to change them.

•            Whilst heading out into the great outdoors means lots of activities to entertain the kids – do yourself a favour and pack the tech as a back-up

Items like a projector for family movie night, battery-operated lightbulbs or lamps for books before bed and walkie talkies which supply endless amount of fun for the kids, all are so worthy to pack or the kids!

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