Would you get a face tattoo? 

That is exactly what I did on my quest for bushy brows and I have not looked back.

Eyebrow artist Lana Tarek  has built her own beauty bar empire by her mid-twenties, all whilst being a mother to a baby and a toddler. Her specialty is feather stroke tattoo for eyebrows, the newest trend in eyebrow restoration and cosmetic makeup – it is a precision cosmetic tattoo which lasts up to two years. It can fix the most sparse brows, or just fill in and perfect so your brows are always on fleek!

If you are thinking about featherstroke tattoo, you can trust the Lana Tarek Brow Specialists clinic.

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Always obsessed with makeup and beauty she got her certificate in beauty and opened up what was formally known as Glamaze Beauty. Lana worked from home transforming some of the most difficult brows. Within a few weeks of open business the word got around and it was almost impossible to book an appointment for the same month. She further advanced her expertise in brows and obtained a certificate in Feather tap cosmetic tattoo which introduced another service to her business. Her technique and skill quickly captured the interest of all her existing and new clients, who now refer to her as the “queen of feathering”. Since then, she has trained Olivia Rose to replicate her very own technique in feather stroke eyebrows, opened her very own store and gained recognition in Sydney as a well-known feather brow artist.

Lana and Olivia outside Lana Tarek Brow Specialists clinic:



When I was 15 I discovered tweezers and one day I over-plucked my brows to the point that they looked like one hair joining to the next. From that day forward they never looked the same. They are sparse towards the end, they are a mixture of fair and dark hair, and the hairs grow in different directions. Tragic brows, which has meant I have had to wear brow pencil every single day.

Not anymore! I took my sad brows to Lana and she sorted me out:

Lana got my brows nice and numb and then measured and penciled my face for perfect symmetry:


Then she got to work, making precise cuts with the blade to mimic individual hair strokes. It doesn’t hurt, I promise!


After the strokes are perfect, it is time to let the ink soak into the featherstrokes…


It is always a little swollen and dark right after the procedure:


The ink fades over the next two weeks, and the brows peel slightly, nothing noticable – then 6 weeks later you have a follow-up appointment to add in more texture and replace any strokes that didn’t make it through the healing process.

These days I am loving my brows and I am saving so much money on brow pencil!

Seriously, I spend all my days just admiring my brows:


And thinking about my brows:


Book your own transformation at: https://lanatarek.com/


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