Introducing the AirPod (Hyperbaric Chamber), a groundbreaking oxygen treatment available at Surry Hills’ newest wellness and recovery studio, Bionik Wellness.
The revolutionary technology behind the AirPod is fresh to the wellness and recovery market and Bionik Wellness is home to one of the only Hyperbaric Chambers in Australia.
The AirPod increases oxygen concentration in the skin tissue helping the body to resist infection, and improves the ability of white blood cells to fight off bacteria.
A 60 minute Hyperbaric Chamber session releases 60 litres of oxygen into the body which allows for deeper and more relaxed breaths, meaning the body is at an all time relaxation high.
The AirPod works to form new blood vessels which encourage the creation of collagen and skin cells necessary for healing. Increased oxygen in the body also improves the health of deprived and damaged skin cells which in turn reduces swelling.

Benefits of the AirPod:

– Disease prevention
– Improve chronic health issues

– Anti-ageing

– Reduce stress
– Enhance clarity and concentration
– Improve sleep
– Reduce inflammation
– Advanced wound healing and post-operative repair
– Improve muscle recovery
– Pain relief

The prices of the AirPod are as follows:

One-Off Price – $90.00
3 Pack – $240.00
5 Pack – $395.00
To book in your Airpod session head to: 

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