The winter chill is officially upon us and ’tis the season to keep warm and well. These immune boosters will have you feeling at your prime in no time and assist in warding off any ailments.

Blackmores Bio C 500 Chewable Tablets

These yummy chewable tabs taste more like a treat than a powerful vitamin C boost. They support the immune system and are sweetened with naturally derived ingredients, so no nasties.

Blackmores has also launched Immune + Recovery as part of its new range. These tablets support recovery from sickness as well as helping to maintain energy levels. Completing the offering, is the super unique Cold Shield Nasal Spray. This mist turns into a gel in the nose, creating a barrier to protect from airborne germs.

Offering personalised advice, Blackmores Immune Health Check provides a fascinaing insight into your own immune system and really gets you thinking about the impacts of your lifestyle on your immunity.



Comvita Olive Leaf Extract

Comvita is best known for its incredible Manuka Honey range, which is a winter staple in itself. These honey providores also boast an immune-friendly offering of Australian grown Olive Leaf Extract.

Traditionally used to help relieve the symptoms of coughs, colds and sore throats – these liquid lifesavers will provide your body with a powerful dose of antioxidants. The selection of fresh-picked Olive Leaf Extract comes from Comvita’s own specialist plantations in South East Queensland. And having pioneered the way in natural health products since 1974, expect the same high-grade olive leaf extract used by researchers worldwide.

Featuring three naturally pleasant tasting flavours – a spoonful a day may keep the doctor away!



Best of the Bone – Bone Broth

These are the creme de la creme of bone broths! And one of the most nutrient dense foods ever made. Rich and delicious, they promote optimal gut, joint, brain and bone health. With each carefully crafted broth made from certified grass-fed bones, so they rise well above the rest.

A true superfood boasting a host of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, as well being great for healthy hair and glowing skin. You’ll also find these are a top source of vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids. Did we mention they taste amazing too?!

A range of delectable flavours is on offer including Organic Italian Herbs & Garlic, Organic Turmeric + Organic Ginger and Black Pepper and Healing Mushroom. As well as exotic options such as Lemon Pepper Green Curry + Collagen Peptides. And all containing zero carbs – making these a Keto dream.

A couple of spoons mixed with warm water creates a nutritious and delicious winter warmer. And with 37 serves a pop, they’ll last all season long!

Vital Life Immune Shots

These fun and tasty snappable shots camouflage some serious immune boosting ingredients – Lactoferrin, Manuka Honey and Vitamin C.

This killer combo featuring multifunctional protein, Lactoferrin, is known to help fight bacteria and viruses. It also decreases the frequency of the common cold when taken regularly, alongside a healthy lifestyle.

The perfect addition to your winter routine, these handy single-serve sachets will lift your vitality on the go. Just throw them in your bag, and move throughout your day – knowing this small but mighty winter defender is just a grab away.

Activated Probiotics

These are probiotics with a difference! The range consists of nine different probiotic formulas that target a variety of health and wellbeing concerns. These include mood balance, bone health, iron absorption and immunity.

The clinically proven probiotics help enhance your immune system function and reduce the occurrence of common colds. Proudly Australian owned, these precision probiotics will tackle a tonne of concerns outside of general gut health. Leaving you feeling balanced and with an overall sense of body zen.

Convenience is the key with these, as they’re fridge free. Pop them in your drawers, your handbag and more and soon they’ll be your gut’s best buddies.

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