Cointreau, the legendary orange-infused liqueur, is excited to mark the 75th anniversary of the Margarita cocktail by collaborating with the renowned upscale Mexican eatery, Londres 126, in Sydney. Starting from October 10th until the end of the month, Londres 126 will present an exclusive, exquisite dining experience perfectly paired with the Margarita, showcasing the enduring appeal of this beloved cocktail.

This distinctive culinary partnership promises to tantalize the senses and captivate Margarita aficionados with a specially curated set menu designed to complement the Margarita. The menu will consist of three exceptional courses:


  • 75th Margarita: A homage to the iconic Margarita that started it all.
  • Crispy Pork Belly: A savory delight that harmonizes seamlessly with the Margarita’s citrusy notes.
  • Leek Corn Esquites (Vegetarian/Vegan): An inclusive and delightful option for those with dietary preferences.


  • French Cooler: A refreshing Margarita variation to cleanse the palate.
  • Grilled Mackerel with Brussels Sprouts: A seafood sensation that pairs beautifully with the Margarita’s zest.
  • Cauliflower Steak (Vegetarian/Vegan): A plant-based masterpiece to satisfy every palate.


  • Palomita: A sweet and tangy Margarita-infused treat with two delectable options:
    • Tres Leches Cake: A decadent delight featuring Cointreau in the recipe, adding an exquisite twist.
    • Raspberry Cointreau Sorbet (Gluten-Free): A guilt-free indulgence to conclude your meal.

Each course is thoughtfully paired with a Margarita cocktail to elevate your dining experience and explore the full range of flavors within the Margarita world. This delightful set menu is available for $120 per person.

In addition to the set menu, Margarita enthusiasts can savor a variety of Margarita cocktails from the special menu, priced at $18 each. This includes the classic Margarita, the 75th Margarita, and exciting variations such as Espresso Borracho, French Cooler, and Palomita, curated by Cointreau’s global brand ambassador, Kevin Sueiro, and Londres 126 Mixologist, Enzo Boragno.

Cointreau is more than just a triple sec; it’s an orange liqueur distilled from a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels, enhancing the flavor of cocktails. Crafted in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, France, it holds a special place in the history of the Margarita. The original Margarita cocktail was born when Dallas socialite Margarita Sames combined her two favorite spirits, Cointreau and tequila, along with lime juice while vacationing in Acapulco in 1948. This timeless recipe has remained a beloved classic for over 75 years.

Join Cointreau and Londres 126 in celebrating the rich heritage and irresistible charm of the Margarita. Raise your glasses to 75 years of Margarita magic!

For reservations and more details, please visit Londres 126’s website. For delicious Margarita recipes, head to

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