Spring racing is one of the most sought after calendar notes you will have this season. Not only for the serious punters, it’s a time where you get to dress up and have fun. It’s a day at the track, full of excitement, champagne flowing, and both men and women pulling out all of the stops to look their absolute best in their stylish wares. Getting race day ready, is not an easy task. It takes a lot of preparation and planning; girls will need to find the perfect dress, hat, accessories and comfortable shoes. Men, not only have to look sharp, but will need accessories to take their look to the next level. We’ve spoken to Kash O’Hara who is the Founder and Head Style Doctor at The Style Doctor to help us get race ready.

Let’s break it down:


Women: In order to look the part at the races, a hat is essential! Not only is it stylish but a headpiece or hat is a key accessory that will have you race day ready. If you’re style is feminine and sophisticated, a classic style will work best, try floral patterns, floral crowns or bold colours to make your outfit standout.  If you’re going for an edgier style, look no further than metallic, shiny, metal pieces.

On trend : boaters, bows, metallic and floral headpieces

Designers to follow : Victoria Novak, Nerida Winter, Suzy O’Rourke, Neil Grigg, Philadelpia Philpot

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Men: Hats are only essential for you if you are entering the Fashions on the Field, however, they’re a nice touch to a men’s race wear look. Classic styles like the trilby or panama for men are always on trend and will make you look very dapper!

Mens hats


Women: Since a headpiece is your statement piece, keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum, be playful by introducing different patterns and textures.

  • Shoes : If you are wearing a feminine dress, heavy black shoes will look too heavy, if in doubt go nude, it’s always a safe bet. Also, keep in mind to choose shoes you can walk in and that will last the distance of a day at the races- we don’t want to see any women carrying their shoes around the track!
  • Bag : Opt for a small bag with a shoulder strap or a small clutch. Your everyday handbag is too big and won’t tie in with your race wear look
  • Jewellery : Your hat is what’s on show so ‘less is more’ when it comes to jewellery

Womens accessories

Men : Adding finishing touches to your look will make all the difference. Choose accessories that will complement your shirt and suit.

  • Shoes and belt : When wearing a lighter shade suit or navy opt for brown shoes and brown belt, for a black suit, black shoes and a black belt will look best
  • Tie and pocket square : Whether it’s a tie or bow tie, make sure it doesn’t clash with your shirt. Top tip, if you’re opting for a striped, printed or tweed suit a plain tie always works best. Make sure your pocket square matches you’re suit, don’t make the mistake of matching it to your tie
  • Cufflinks : French cuff shirts are a great look, with this cufflinks are essential. Try steer clear from the novelty cufflinks, go for classic silver.
  • Buttonhole and Race pin : Did you know there is a different flower and a different race pin for the different races? The biggest race day of the year is Melbourne cup, so see if you can track down the race day flower, a yellow rose.

Mens accessories

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