In all that is cheesy goodness – We shit you not, Loluk Bistro and OLALA has teamed up to provide the stuff that cheesy dreams are made of…Introducing the OLALA RACLETTE BOX.
Just in time for Bastille Day celebrations, Aussies can get into the french vibe and celebrate all everything associated with France this 14th July thanks to OLALA.
What more could a good human wish for in all that is melty cheesy,  to pay homage to the French origin for which it began. Cheese and wine most certainly makes us feel fine, and we’re just figuring out where to sign (oh and it’s even making us rhyme).


OLALA has teamed up with none other than Loluk Bistro, which for those not in the know is a Provençal bistro located on Bourke Street, renowned for its all- you-can-eat Raclette – YUM!
“After a couple of years in Australia, many Frenchies are missing the french way of living and the good food we eat. With OLALA, I want to bring French experiences directly to people’s homes.” Megane Bories, Founder and Director of OLALA.
Starting at $69 for 2 people, each box includes delicious raclette cheese, selection of french charcuterie, pickles, potatoes and the very famous french baguette! If you want the night to be a bit more festive, you can add a wine from Loluk Bistro.


If this more than whets your appetite, we’re thrilled to let you know that more OLALA Boxes are coming later this year.
If you are a french lover or simply a lover of life, head off to the OLALA website and get ready to experience the french way of living wherever you are!
Even better, if you use the code BASTILLEDAY10 at checkout, you can also enjoy 10% off – You’re welcome.

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