From the founder of Oporto’s comes Sydney’s latest burger obsession:

Baste’d opened with a bang on Thursday the 30th of June with an epic burger eating competition. Competitors Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins and Jesse Polock from hit TV show Bondi Rescue got annihilated by Issac Eats-A-Lot who ate-a-lot to be the crowned the burger eating champion.


Issac downed 5 burgers in 5 minutes as his fiancé and the crowd cheered him on, and he still had room for a couple of burgers after the competition was over. The pastry chef from Campbell town cuts a fit and lean figure for someone who has won over 80 eating competitions!

“It was a pleasure to get Baste’d in burgers, and then Baste’d in glory! The Bondi Rescue Boys better not quit their day job!” Says Issac Eats-A-Lot.

Baste’d comes from the founder of Oporto, Gary Linz, and focuses on quality ingredients and expertly cooked meat – hello 12 hour slow cooked basted beef brisket!! Baste’d also brings back the original ORIGINAL Chilli Chicken burger that original Oporto’s fans will remember – It is called the Chilli Lifeguard and can only be bought at Baste’d: Corner of Crown Street and Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

The original ORIGINAL Chilli Chicken:


Don’t forget to leave room for these little dessert bombers! Ice-cream and Nutella? YES PLEASE!



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