There’s something so refreshing about stepping into this skin clinic and having the expertise of somebody who really knows their stuff taking care of you. That’s You by Sia in a nutshell and here’s why we love it.

Sia Hendry’s experience in the skincare space spans decades and her extensive research into leading skin technology is beyond compare. You can see and hear the passion when Sia talks about your skin and her skintuition is second to none. She just gets it and can tell what your needs and concerns are right away.

Sia has an in-depth understanding of the skin, skin conditions and the factors that lead to skin ageing. She believes in treating the symptoms as well as the cause. Providing solutions with the perfect combination of advanced state of the art equipment and cosmeceutical skin care. Her deep scientific knowledge delivers outstanding skin rejuvenation results and you just feel her experience when you meet her. And this is replicated in the way she trains her staff, who are all longstanding and exemplify that same passion.

Sia believes that every regime should start with a thorough skin analysis – focusing on the skin’s structure and anatomy, looking past the surface layers to understand how treatments can be improved for optimal results. And that’s exactly what you’ll get, with a Visia Photo analysis upon first treatment, to see your skin needs at a deeper level and tailor the treatments specifically to you. Surprisingly, this isn’t as confronting as we thought – just a gentle nudge to amp up your skincare knowledge and regime.

You’ll then be treated with a (non-invasive) procedure best suited to your skin. With signature treatments including Microneedling – using the most gentle yet effective method to tighten and resurface the skin. This treatment is ideal to improve a range of conditions, including wrinkles and fine lines, acne scarring, blackheads, enlarged pores, milia and stretch marks. It is an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery and chemical peels, which carry significant risks of burning, scarring, hyper-pigmentation. And the downtime is minimal – you can be out and about that day! With visible results after just a few days. Smooth, youthful and refreshed skin is the outcome – what’s not to love?!(Super) Sia also developed her own skincare line! Frustrated by conventional skincare on the market, she wanted to create something that actually delivered results, and that’s how Clinicals was born. Formulated with the utmost skin integrity, these proven products showed visible improvements in just two weeks.

Sia’s philosophy behind Clinicals is to work with the skin and not against it and these sure pack a punch with their top qaulity ingredients. The range feature two innovative delivery systems to ensure active ingredients actually penetrate into the skin. They’re highly concentrated with a host of active ingredients in the correct form – bio-available to the skin. The best thing is that anyone can use them and they won’t irritate even the most sensetive skin types, with all products free of SLS, parabens, mineral oils and artificial nasties!

If you’re serious about your skin, book an appointment with Sia stat! With two clinics in Bondi Junction and Sydney’s CBD, Sia’s treatments are readily accessible in both location and price.

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