BLINK, by UK writer Phil Porter, immediately caught my eye because it’s playing at one of Sydney’s hidden gems – Kings Cross Theatre – but that’s not the only reason! It’s a must see because it’s so relatable. Haven’t we all once been caught up in a tangle of love or lust of the most unexpected kind? Or been that friend who’s had to hear it all from their bestie?! I know I have. Eek! This laugh out loud script will have you in stitches.

BLINK is the tale of Jonah and Sophie’s quirky, dysfunctional and voyeuristic love story, but a love story all the same. Sophie, an introvert software engineer, is worried that she is disappearing. Jonah is a shy and new-to-the-city-lad, not to mention a kid from a self-isolated religious community. With the help a wi-fi baby monitor, their lonely worlds collide in the most unconventional ways and a delicately moving and hilarious story unfolds. But that’s just the beginning in this bitter-sweet story of two shy individuals longing for connection……there’s also consensual stalking, an old green coat and a fox named Scruffilitis!

BLINK stars stage and screen star Charlotte Hazzard (TV’s Packed to the Rafters, ANZAC GirlsLove Child Season 2) and James Raggatt (Spring Awakening, Hamlet). If you’re looking for a laugh and a night out not quite like all the others, then BLINK at Kings Cross theatre has it all. Nominated for “theatre building of the year” at the stage awards for 2016.

STORIES LIKE THESE, in association with BAKEHOUSE THEATRE COMPANY, is presenting this charming and darkly funny production by Phil Porter at KINGS CROSS THEATRE until March 4th. BLINK….and you’ll miss it!

WHAT: Blink SS101

WHEN: NOW – March 4th 2017; Tues – Sat 8pm & Sundays 5pm

WHERE: Kings Cross Theatre, King’s Cross Hotel, 244-248 William Street Kings Cross NSW 2011

COST: $25-$36 (concessions available)

FOR MORE INFO: click here 

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