International Hemp Day is Friday 21st April and we are celebrating with MUSQ Farmceuticals ™: hemp skincare inspired by farm life!

MUSQ skincare rage chases the skin goals of happily hydrated, naturally glowing skin with clean, cruelty-free formulations powered by nature and inspired by Hemp and sheep farm life. Proven skin hydrator Hemp Seed Oil is the hero in all of the products, while purified Lanolin (from non-mulsed sheep), Honey and native botanicals work to hydrate, refine and improve your skin without overloading or irritating its natural balance.

Our Verdict:

We are currently trialing the Gel Cleanser and the Face Moisturiser. Both products work harmoniously together and have left my skin feeling hydrated, nourished, smooth and refined. A winning combo!

The Range

Farmbalm SPF15, RRP $24.95,

Nourish Face Oil, 30ml, RRP, $59.95,

Radiate Face Polish, 50ml, RRP $49.95,

Hydrate Face Toner, 90ml, RRP $39.95,

Revitalise Gel Cleanser, 90ml, RRP $39.95,

Nurture Face Moisturiser, 50ml, RRP $54.95,

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