Step aside, Purple Rain, because there’s a new groove in town with Smirnoff’s latest concoction: Smirnoff Ice Lavender Lemonade! This limited edition ready-to-drink (RTD) delight is hitting shelves just in time to keep the Aussie party vibe going strong till the summer sun sets.

Picture this: Lavender purple, the color that’s been setting trends from the catwalk to the Billboard charts, now in a refreshing drink form. It’s like a fashion-forward sip of summer festival vibes right in your hand! And with the world’s top artists gracing Aussie stages, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

But let’s talk flavor. Imagine smooth Smirnoff vodka, crisp lemonade, and a hint of fragrant lavender all dancing together in your glass. It’s a taste explosion that’s equal parts tangy and sweet, with just the right kick at 4.5% ABV. Sip it chilled, close your eyes, and let the citrusy floral notes transport you to a festival fantasyland.

So whether you’re busting moves in the crowd or chilling under the sun, Smirnoff Ice Lavender Lemonade is your ticket to summer bliss. Cheers to good vibes and great flavors!


The new Smirnoff Ice Lavender Lemonade is now available  at liquor stores nationwide including Dan Murphy’s and BWS. A 300ml glass bottle four-pack retails for $21.99.

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