The relaunch of Disaronno Fizz at the Intercontinental Double Bay rooftop pool was a splash of glamour, fizz, and fabulousness. Picture this: synchronized swimmers diving into the pool, their moves perfectly timed to the beats of the DJ, creating a mesmerizing aquatic dance that set the tone for an evening of effervescent excitement.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting hues of pink and gold across the Sydney skyline, the rooftop transformed into a lively party haven. Media mavens and influencers mingled, clinking glasses filled with the star of the night – Disaronno Fizz. The cocktail, a zesty concoction of Disaronno’s signature amaretto topped with soda a a squeeze lemon was refreshing, delicious and a must try this summer!

Adding a touch of Italian flair, the canapes were a delightful fusion of flavors, transporting taste buds to the heart of Italy. From bite sized pizzas to minitiramisu , each bite was a burst of Mediterranean joy.

In essence, the launch of Disaronno Fizz was more than just a drink debut – it was a dazzling celebration of bubbles, beats, and a breathtaking sunset, making it a night to remember in Sydney’s social calendar. Cheers to Disaronno and the magic it brought to the Intercontinental Double Bay!

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