Agender is a platform for change, dedicated to celebrating and supporting the talents of Australian female photographers.

Agender, a collective of female and non-binary photographers, launched Photographs for Peace, an affordable art charity print campaign featuring the donated works of 31 artists.

In response to the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, largely impacting women and children, they launched Photographs for Peace on 19 Jan 2024; an affordable art fundraising sale for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children. It features 57 artworks from 37 of Australia’s leading female photographers.

The fundraising campaign closes on Fri 2 Feb 2024.


The artists – both prominent and emerging – span the worlds of fine art, travel, and documentary photography, whose prints usually range from $200 to $7,000; photographers who have been exhibited at The Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Portrait Gallery; as well as established photojournalists and commercial photographers, whose personal work is rarely if ever available to the public for purchase. Long-time admirers now have the opportunity to own an artwork for themselves at an accessible price of $70 + shipping for an 8 x 10 or 8 x 12 inch archival quality, open edition print.



“We live in such a content heavy world, and it can feel tough to constantly produce image/content that is not helping or saving any lives,” says Emily May Gunawan, a participating artist.

“The war in Gaza is harrowing. Every day, people are putting their lives on the line to save others. I hope that our work as photographers and artists can contribute, even in some small way, to two organisations that are working tirelessly on the front lines.” says photographer Alex Vaughan.

“I feel completely helpless,” says photographer Amy Woodward. She goes on to add “…this feels like a small gesture of solidarity and support as I sit here in safety and comfort, witnessing the most abhorrent and brutal attacks on a population comprised of 50% children and babies. As a mother, I cannot and will not stand by and watch these horrors unfold in silence…”

“I am honoured to be amongst so many talented female artists aligning for a very important cause.” says photographer Yasmin Mund.

Lucent Imaging, a carbon neutral fine art printing and digital imaging consultancy, has joined Agender as the official charity print partner.

As the Israel-Hamas war surpasses 100 days, the campaign offers a moment of reflection amidst the post-December consumerist rush, emphasising the enduring impact of mindful choices.


The charities have offered these words.

“Currently, no child in Gaza is safe from violence. Children in the region are enduring hunger, lack of shelter and limited access to medical assistance.” says Hannah Jennings, Community Fundraising Coordinator at Save the Children. “Save the Children is so appreciative to receive the support of Agender. Thanks to the support of the community, we can continue our work fighting for a world where every child can thrive.”

“MSF is so grateful for the generosity shown by this collective of Australian photographers,” says Teneale Cameron, Senior Fundraising Manager at Médecins Sans Frontières Australia. “This comes at a time where the medical humanitarian situation in Gaza is beyond catastrophic. We continue to call for an immediate ceasefire to prevent further civilian deaths and to allow aid workers unrestricted access to provide lifesaving medical care to the two million Gazans who desperately need it today.”

Photographer Stephanie Pedersen captures the collective sentiment of all involved in the campaign: “Sending heartfelt prayers to those in Gaza.”

Photographs for Peace launched today, 19 Jan 2024. Every dollar raised above basic print costs and payment processing fees is donated directly to the charities.

Supporters can view the artwork catalogue and shop here:


From Hannah Cameron, Save the Children
Community Fundraising Coordinator

  • $53 could provide a pack of 60 water bottles to people struggling to access potable water.
  • $70 could allow us to provide a family with a Baby Kit to give them the items they need to provide basic care to their infant, such as baby shampoo, diapers, baby wipes, toothbrush and
    toothpaste, cotton towel and baby ointment.
  • $973 could allow us to provide 8 families with a food parcel containing canned beans, hummus, canned chicken, canned tuna, olive oil, dried zataar (a spice), sardines, cooked cheese (8 pieces), high energy biscuits, raisins, and halaweh (sweet pastry).
  • $1,013 could allow us to provide 9 Hygiene Kits containing jerry cans, aquatabs for 10 litres of water, a bathing towel, sponge, tooth brushes (children and adult), plastic jug, hair comb, nail
    clipper, plastic washing basin.
  • $4,945 could allow us to provide 250 Dignity Kits containing sanitary products.
  • $5,005 could provide 5,640 water bottles to those struggling to access drinking water.


Participating Photographers:

Alex Vaughan, Amy Woodward, Ana Suntay-Tañedo, Bec Lorrimer, Britt Murphy, Cara O’Dowd, Cybele Malinowski, Elise Hassey, Emily May, Erin Masters, Grace Costa, Jacquie Manning, Kerrie Burow, Laudianne Masri, Lexi Laphor, Lilli Waters, Lisa Maree Williams, Liz Ham, Lucy Alcorn, Michele Aboud, Ming Nomchong, Monica Pronk, Natalie Finney, Penny Lane, Petrina Tinslay, Sally Ann, Sian Fay, Sim Kaur, Stef King, Stephanie Cammarano, Stephanie Pedersen, Stephanie Simcox, Tanja Bruckner, Tess Lehman, Tracey Nearmy, Yasmin Mund and Yasmin Suteja.




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