On Thursday 28th May Sydney Social 101 were invited to attend the launch of the LYNX Black Capsule Collection by Vanishing Elephant.


Male grooming brand LYNX and leading men’s fashion label Vanishing Elephant have come together to create a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the recently released LYNX Black range of fragrance and grooming products.

The collaboration of these two men’s style authorities will see the creation of four limited release pieces-

A Black cotton chino pant

Black Cotton Chino (2)


A classic Slub knitted tee

Black Slub Tee


A versatile Sunday shirt

Chambray Sunday Shirt (2)


A new take on an Anorak jacket; each piece constructed with the understated mark of Vanishing Elephant’s style.

Olive Anorak jacket (2)

Vanishing Elephant co-founder Huw Bennett says the collaboration was a natural fit for both brands, with Vanishing Elephant working to create a subtle and refined look inspired by the LYNX Black range of fragrance and grooming products.

“We wanted to stay true to the Vanishing Elephant man, which fit the LYNX Black brief perfectly. We looked at creating an outfit that embodied the new grooming range, but would also be timeless and versatile enough to last in someone’s wardrobe,” Bennett said.

“To make the process a bit more interesting, we wanted to offer something unique across all the pieces. We looked at small details with each garment, like custom dyes and stitching, that pushed the collection to another level of quality and finish.”

LYNX Black launched globally earlier this year and is an understated and sophisticated range of male fragrance and grooming products. LYNX Marketing Director Jon McCarthy is excited by the fashion collection as it perfectly captures the direction of LYNX Black.

“We couldn’t think of a better fashion label than Vanishing Elephant to partner with to create the LYNX Black look,” McCarthy said.

“Men don’t think of their hair, fragrance and clothing in separate parts – they live day to day with style being a complete package, and this collaboration further proves that LYNX is a leader in understanding the modern man and what he wants.”

Only a limited edition of hand-numbered pieces will be available online and in-store at both Melbourne and Sydney Vanishing Elephant stores from the end of the May.


For more information about the new LYNX Black or to browse the Vanishing Elephant and LYNX Black collection, visit www.lynxexpression.com/vanishing-elephant.

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