Australia’s emerging fashion powerhouse, dref_by_d, is setting a new benchmark in the fashion industry by merging top-tier craftsmanship and mindful innovation.

Led by the visionary designer Tania Hanna, whose career spans an impressive thirty years, dref_by_d presents a collection that radiates timeless sophistication and captivating charm. Centered on inclusivity, Tania’s designs cater to the diverse aesthetics of all women.

In an industry increasingly aware of its environmental impact, dref_by_d aligns itself with top-rated Australian labels committed to sustainability. Despite manufacturing in China, the brand sets itself apart through a long-cherished collaboration with trusted partners, focusing on responsible production methods and paving the way to an eco-friendly future.

“At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to the highest ethical standards,” emphasizes Tania Hanna, the mind behind dref_by_d. Every piece of clothing is a testament to uncompromising quality, durability, and longevity. dref_by_d’s creations blend modern fashion sensibilities with a timeless appeal. The entire collection presents versatile separates suited for all occasions and elegant dresses that transition effortlessly from day to night. They encapsulate the spirit of today’s woman, reflecting the brand’s imaginative approach. Tania declares, “At dref_by_d, we never compromise on design. We are the embodiment of absolute quality.”

The Spring/Summer ’23 collection launched in September 2023. Each piece, crafted from natural materials, is a tribute to the brand’s eco-friendly ethos. The collection artfully intertwines natural shades and vibrant bursts of colour, showcasing exceptional knitwear and breathable fabrics. A recurring element is the brand’s signature grosgrain detail, while other standout features include voluminous sleeves and lightweight cotton textiles.

Sustainability is ingrained in dref_by_d’s core values beyond just the aesthetics. The brand adheres to an ethical sourcing policy and leverages initiatives like the Better Cotton Initiative for supply chain transparency. “We strictly comply with industry certifications and a Code of Conduct to uphold our standards,” Tania underlines.

dref_by_d, a boutique brand under the wider DZYNA umbrella, is set to redefine the future of fashion. While the brand carves its own distinctive path, DZYNA continues to innovate through its Urban Tech brand, pushing the limits of technology-infused streetwear.

In the junction of high-quality fashion and ethical practices, dref_by_d is carving out a space as a pioneer, inspiring customers and industry counterparts to contribute to a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing world.

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