Having trouble staying motivated in Iso? These three will be your BFFs (Best Fitness Friends) in isolation and have you skipping out of lockdown with a prison body. They’ll keep you moving, flowing and kicking all those iso goals. Expect loads of variety and a tonne of fun along the way.


This was the first thing we reached for when the world went into lockdown. Because, let’s face it – who else is going to keep you accountable like this bad boy? Most of us know that we’re supposed to be getting in 10K steps a day. This can feel like a real feat – especially in the confines of our homes.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is the niftiest little gadget, and stylish at that. It ensures you’re moving throughout the day and your step count is in check. Gentle vibrations will remind you to get up every hour, to prevent any pancake behinds. You’ll find loads of excuses to move, like grabbing a glass of water (water intake sorted), unloading the washing machine, taking out the rubbish and…voila – by the end of the day, your place is pristine and 10K steps put away.

Featuring Fitbit’s most advanced combination of features, including built-in GPS and Spotify, Charge 4 has everything you could ever want in a fitness tracker. The clever tool also tracks the quality of your sleep and monthly female cycle…which is eerily accurate every time! Did we mention you can shower and swim in it too?!

It also includes Fitbit’s latest innovation, Active Zone Minutes, a new personalised heart rate tracker for workouts that get your heart pumping. From indoor biking, boxing, all the way through to Pilates and yoga. It will measure the time you spend in each heart rate zone, with a weekly goal of 150 minutes.

The Fitbit App also now includes a Covid-19 tab that keeps you up-to-date with the latest health advice from The World Health Organisation. There’s also a bunch of free content in Fitbit Premium, with a free 90-day trial on offer in a bid to support the Fitbit community. This awesome hub includes a myriad of workouts, mindfulness tools, challenges and loads more.


This is our favourite at-home workout of all time! Founder of Fluidform, Kirsten King is our angel sent from Pilates heaven (just look at her glow). With FFAH, you have yourself a personal Pilates pal that takes you through every move so seamlessly, in the comfort of your own home. Kirsten’s intuitive approach makes it a breeze to follow and it’s truly a treat to incorporate her into your daily routine.

Pilates is renowned for its incredible core strength capabilities that will leave every inch of your body feeling long, toned and lean. Basically the dream! Kirsten has implemented a program for every level and stage of life – whether you’re a Pilates newbie in need of a kick-start, all the way through to a Pilates pro. There’s also a vast range of pre and post-natal workouts. And we’ll certainly take any advice from someone that has three children and looks like that!

The range of workouts are anywhere from 3 – 60 mins so anyone can fit them in. They average about 15 minutes, so it never feels too strenuous or like a chore. But you’ll definitely feel it in all the right places the next day. The best starting point is to pick a Challenge. These begin from 14 days to 6 weeks and are totally foolproof, as you follow each calendar on your journey to your ultimate rig. You’ll stay accountable and have the ideal timeframe to see the fruits of your labour.

Fluid Form At Home is only $49 a month for over 100+ at-home workouts. You also get a fab fitness pack that’s worth the membership fee alone. It includes a Pilates ball, 5 x resistance bands and Sliders – these little guys look innocent, but they’re a killer (in the best possible way). There is also a selection of seasonal meal plans from the likes of Donna Hay and accredited nutritionists. So this truly is your one-stop-shop to wellbeing.


This has got to be the world’s best yoga and activewear brand! Not only is there something for every type of activity (or inactivity) in the Lululemon range, these threads are supremely comfortable and so damn aesthetically pleasing!

Let’s start with Lululemon’s leggings as these are a cult favourite and offer sublime support for every body shape, size and fitness level. They’ll have you bending and stretching to your heart’s content. As well as keeping you tucked-in, in “all the right places” (they literally have a pair named just that). They’re also sweat-wicking and pass the ultimate squat test (no see-though bits). Not to mention the lust-worthy collection of sports bras, tops and outerwear. With the range of sweats and hoodies being work-from-home and lazy iso weekend essentials.

The Reversible Mat is an absolute at-home workout staple. Lululemon’s iconic mats offer perfect grip and varying levels of thickness to provide the perfect cushioning and support throughout your practice. They also boast an antimicrobial additive, which helps prevent mould and mildew. To top it off, they’re just so pretty…

Lululemon has also launched an incredible initiative, kicking off a line-up of virtual run events focusing on celebrating the starting line, no matter where you are. Lululemon’s 5K run challenge, in partnership with social fitness network Strava, will be held on June 3 and runners can participate virtually from anywhere in the world. Last year saw over 100,000 participants and over 400,000 kilometres run globally!

Wherever you are, you can join runners around the world at the same digital starting line. You can also connect on socials, find customised playlists, and get a healthy dose of inspiration to power your run here.



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