The array of yoga and pilates studios in Sydney is endless. They offer all kinds of different styles and classes, which can be confusing to the untrained eye. We’ve taken out the guess work to bring you a foolproof spot that specialises (and excels) in both!

Body Mind Life has got to be one of our favourites – It boasts two beautifully modern studios, conveniently located in Surry Hills and Bondi Beach. The facilities here are second to none, including the Rolls Royce of reformer beds and premium mats that support joints and provide the ideal amount of grip for perfecting your downward dog.


One of the many things we love is the frequency of classes throughout the day – Morning to evening, the timetable features an abundance of sessions to suit all moods and experience levels. The yoga on offer is Vinyasa (flow) and ranges from unheated classes to warmer ones (between 24-30 degrees) – this helps to warm muscles, encourage blood flow, increase flexibility and assist in detoxification.

You can also join in on the meditation classes which provide the perfect space to clear your mind and truly get immersed in a deep and mindful state. You’ll walk out without a care in the world and feeling like you’re floating on a cloud…


The reformer pilates classes are incredible! They are conducted in intimate sessions, so you feel like you’re getting a really personalised experience. These range from beginner to a more advanced course, depending on your comfort and (completely buildable) experience level. There is nothing quite like pilates to create a long and lean demeanour and a strong, flat belly. After one class you’ll feel an air of confidence and a tighter, more toned physique.

All of the yoga and pilates teachers are so experienced and supportive. Their impeccable knowledgeable and calm nature makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed in your practice. Each instructor also has their own slightly unique style, which mixes things up and provokes new thoughts and ideas every time.


Both studios have a tranquil chill-out area where you can relax, chat and freshen up post work-out. Another great feature is the online booking system so you never miss your favourite class!

A truly empowering experience – whether you’re stumped for choice as to where to begin your yoga and/or pilates journey or want try somewhere you know you’ll be in safe hands, Body Mind Life is our go-to for a gentle work-out that will leave you in karmic bliss.

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