Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and while your grand gesture to your other half was probably perfect for the gram, isn’t it time for a relaxed night in with your loved one?

The “Netflix & Chill” date is an easy, cost-effective, and super comfy date night alternative for any night of the year. To help you achieve your best night in yet, the tech experts at ASUS have pulled together its six must-know laptop tips to maximize your Netflix & Chill potential.


  1. Pre-prepare for any intensive Netflix marathons with battery life

Streaming of any kind can generally be rather draining on your devices. Start with a full charge to minimize the chance that you’ll be facing a charging-cable-in-bed situation. Close background apps, unplug any unnecessary USB peripherals (which use battery life regardless of whether they’re in use!) and switch off your bluetooth to get some extra juice out of your laptop battery. Add a bottle of wine (but be careful not to spill it on the device!), and you’re ready for a perfect night in with your special someone.


  1. Protect your lap and your laptop from overheating

An average laptop will naturally become warmer when in use, but overheating can be damaging to your device and your health, especially if  you’re in the habit of using your body to prop it up. An adjustable stand or tray is perfect for maintaining airflow to keep your laptop in running order, and is especially important to prevent irritation to your skin from prolonged use.

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  1. Prepare your laptop for lengthy streaming sessions by disabling it’s sleep screen function

Most devices come with an abundant range of screen settings that many of us are guilty of leaving untouched. Power-saving options, such as sleep mode, can be useful in regular daily use, but aren’t ideal for extended periods of streaming. Switch this off, for now, using your device’s control panel for uninterrupted screen time. This will also minimise awkward fiddling with your cursor, reducing discomfort and stiffness in your wrists.


  1. It’s all about the ergonomics

Adequate back support is vital if you’re going to spend a comfy Valentine’s night in bed. Pillows stacked behind the lower back will ensure that your lower back is supported, while a screen placed directly in front of the both of you (squeeze in!) will reduce any inclination that you have to hunch or twist.


  1. Reduce uncomfortable strain on your eyes.

Experiment with you laptop’s brightness to ensure the most comfortable viewing possible for the room you’re in. Your screen should be bright enough for you to be able to appreciate the vivid picture of your favourite shows, without being so blindingly bright that you’re forced to hunch and squint in order to see your keyboard (which should be backlit for visibility). In between episodes, look away from the screen and blink slowly and deliberately while your next episode buffers to give your eyes a break.


  1. Ensure sound quality

To maximise the sound quality of your favourite Netflix show make sure you know where your speakers are located on your laptop and elevate the device to ensure there is nothing blocking the speakers, like bedding or pillows. ASUS recommends when purchasing a new laptop that you do your research on devices that offer high quality sound technology.


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