Get ready, burrito lovers! Mad Mex is bringing back its legendary 1kg Big Burrito from June 11th to July 21st, and this time, they’ve teamed up with cult favorite Liquid Death to create a combo that promises to obliterate your hunger and annihilate your thirst.

In its 14th year, the Big Burrito is making a grand return. This iconic double-sized burrito not only comes with a FREE can of Liquid Death but also includes a warning that might even intimidate the bravest burrito enthusiasts.

Tackling a 1kg burrito alongside 500ml of thirst-slaughtering water is no small feat, and Mad Mex is taking the potential for a permanent food coma seriously with a wild twist on this promotion. Anyone daring enough to take on this challenge will be entered for a chance to win a grand prize that’s to die for: a foothold in the Australian property market. We’re talking prime real estate in the heart of town… your very own plot of land in a cemetery.

Every property empire needs a starting point, and this sacred piece of earth could be yours. As Aussie property prices skyrocket and living costs climb, it’s comforting to know you could have a piece of land to eventually call home.

To enter, all you need to do is purchase a Big Burrito combo and craft an inscription for your tombstone or for a mate who valiantly tried and failed the Big Burrito and Liquid Death challenge. The winner, announced on August 1st, will become the proud owner of a burial plot – your future set in stone.

From just $25.95, the Big Burrito and Liquid Death combo will be available at Mad Mex stores nationwide or via delivery from Uber Eats or the Mad Mex app until July 21st. For full details, visit

Don’t miss this killer combo – it’s a grave opportunity!

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