If you’re looking for a dining experience that’s a fiesta for your taste buds, Gitano Double Bay is the place to be. Nestled in the heart of the city, this lively restaurant delivers a vibrant mix of Mexican flavors from different regions of Mexico with a contemporary twist. We recently visited Gitano and indulged on margaritas, guacamole, and a plethora of delectable dishes created by Head Chef Alvaro Valenzuela!

Drinks and Starters

We kicked off our evening with refreshing margaritas, perfectly balanced and just the right amount of tangy. Paired with the drinks was a duo of dips – guacamole and corn dip – both fresh and flavorful, setting the stage for the culinary adventure ahead.

Next up, the Sydney rock oysters with finger lime were a standout. Each oyster was a briny delight, enhanced by the citrusy pop of finger lime, creating a perfect harmony of oceanic and fresh flavors.

Small Plates

Moving on to the small plates, the grilled halloumi with agave reduction and nut salsa was a revelation. The salty, grilled halloumi combined with the sweet agave and crunchy nut salsa made for an irresistible combination.

The birria taco was another highlight, featuring tender, flavorful beef enveloped in a perfectly grilled tortilla. It’s no wonder this dish has become a favorite – the rich, savory meat paired with the fresh salsa and melted cheese was nothing short of spectacular.

The Baja fish taco didn’t disappoint either. The crispy fish, tangy slaw, and zesty sauce melded together in a symphony of flavors that had us craving more with each bite. 

Main Course

For the main event, we tried for the grass-fed sirloin steak with charred shallots and chimichurri. Cooked to perfection, the steak was juicy and tender, while the chimichurri added a fresh, herby kick that complemented the charred shallots beautifully. It was a hearty, satisfying dish that left us thoroughly impressed. Moorish chips with a spicey aioli were served on the side and beautifully complimented the steak.


To round off the evening, we indulged in churros with salted caramel dulce de leche. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and dusted with cinnamon sugar, the churros were a delightful treat. The salted caramel dulce de leche took them to the next level, providing a rich, creamy finish to our meal.

Gitano Sydney is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a dynamic, flavorful dining experience. From the expertly crafted margaritas to the innovative dishes that blend traditional Mexican cuisine with modern flair, every aspect of our meal was outstanding. Whether you’re a fan of tacos, steak, or sweet treats, Gitano Sydney promises a fiesta of flavors that will leave you wanting more.


Book for lunch or dinner now: https://www.gitanosydney.com.au/

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