Bondi has always been a local’s playground.

While tourists might come for that illustrious Icebergs shot and the crash and crumble of its incredible shoreline, it’s safe to say the iconic coastal spot boasts more than just opps for the gram.

The kitsch weekend markets see swarms of mums and dads with kids in tow, picking up their Scandi-chic pieces for home, while salty-haired beach babes and bums find a spot to sun and swim all day long, before lugging their stuff back to the tiny wine bars side-by-side with dining haunts plentiful of locally-sourced produce. Adding to its already cultural melting pot, is The Pacific Club, growing roots where the old Canteen used to be (complete with its hip hop-inspired cocktails and snooker table nook up back). In its place, is the refresh Bondi needed, nestled in amongst the newcomers – Panama House 2.0, and, Maurice Terzini’s Bondi Beach Public Bar.

Bringing one of the best parts of Byron to Bondi, Harvest Newrybar’s Bret Cameron, heads up the kitchen, with award-winning sommelier, Chris Morrison, and 2016 Australian Bartender of the Year, Michael Chiem, putting together a cocktail list that blurs bar and kitchen (in a good way). The open kitchen is vibrant and full of Bondi buzz, with chefs showcasing their raw seafood bar full of fresh Ballina Prawns and Sydney Rock Oysters. The customised wood fire grill, allows the team to experiment with Chargrilled octopus and Wood fired chicken, which is perfectly paired with a sweet iceberg lettuce, radish and tahini dressing. With seamless transitions from breakfast to lunch to dinner, Bret’s menu highlights the vibrancy and natural qualities of his produce.

Seamlessly, the drinks list does much the same, capturing the “effervescent spirit of Bondi”. With that in mind, the cocktail-slinging duo of Chris and Michael, has been designed with Bret’s menu in mind, drawing on Australian native ingredients to create bevvies such as The Nut Cracker (with Macadamia oil washed Tanqueray and lemon myrtle) and No Thyme to be Blue (with Blue and Thyme shrub).

Creating a space you want to eat and drink in, the born and bred local owners, have worked with renowned interior designer and Principal of Dreamtime Australian Design, Michael McCann, to create a space to embrace both indoor and alfresco dining. Celebrating their iconic doorstep, the venue soaks up its sundrenched days, before generating its own electricity at night. “Our lifestyle call for dining that is an extension of the way we live,” says Michael. “With the open planned kitchen as its centrepiece, the ‘home away from home’ environment has drawn on whitewashed palettes, warm wooden textures and finished with the polish of marble.”

The perfect spot for a long lunch with the ladies, a date night or an exclusive end-of-year event, The Pacific Club is bound to be a hit with the locals (and tourists and ‘gram).

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